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Organic Farming and Its Organic Food

Close your eyes and envision the idyllic organic farm with its rolling green pastures and salad bar fields of perennial grasses fed by the sun, which in turn, feed the contented grazing cattle, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and pigs. A sturdy farmer closely connected to his land and animals is working the fields, harvesting bountiful baskets…


Organic Food

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Non GMO/ Organic Food Products and the Placebo Effect

Non-gmo and/or organic food products are not what they’re advertised, they are solely a placebo effect. Over the course of the past few years, the trend of clean eating has signified a shift in generational thinking. However, as a result people have tended to shun organic foods which have gained a reputation as unhealthy among…


Organic Food

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Benefits and Black Side of Organic Food

According to a proverb, “Your happiness is the reflection of your health” which means to lead a happy life everyone need to be healthy first. The majority of people around the entire world want to lead a happy life with healthy lifestyle, but most of them spend their whole life to reach this goal. Among…


Organic Food

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The Creation of Chocolate and Vanilla

Vanilla and chocolate have been blessing people’s taste buds for centuries. Even the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs put chocolate in their beverages for it mood enhancer and aphrodisiac qualities. Vanilla and chocolate are taking over the world everywhere you go you see chocolate and vanilla form it ranging from scented candles to pudding mix it’s…



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Organic Food Movement

Introduction Have you wondered about what organic food is? Is it really important for your well being? What about our environment? Organic food is the food produced without any chemical formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics or pesticides. Organic food is well known for its high price, this is a dilemma for organic farmers all of…


Organic Food

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Nutrient Absorption of Organic Food and Processed Food

Food plays a vital role in health. It is important for all living things to consume the right nutrients to develop healthy bodies. But there are some cases where people find it difficult get the appropriate nutrient intake. Today, there are many different ways people can obtain nutrients. And this could be through organic food,…


Organic Food

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Causes of Organic Eating and Foods

The production process for foods from farm to table has drastically changed within the last couple of decades with the intention of benefiting the farming and grocer market financially. Pesticides and preservatives have been used since the 1960s and have taken up a vast majority of foods in grocery stores, and as time progressed, people…


Organic Food

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Difference between Dark and Milk Chocolate

Everyone has their own opinion about chocolate. Some people prefer milk, others white, and many swear by dark. Most people also prefer an addition such as nougat, caramel, other flavors, or nuts. Just as the kind of chocolate can vary, its uses can as well; it can used in drinks, desserts, candy, eaten on its…



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Correct Labeling of Chocolate Products

There are many things that can improve in the food service industry especially when dealing with products being sold. Sometimes food is labeled incorrectly. The use of certain ingredients in supplements can be questionable. Another thing that can be improved is safety and inspection. I will analyzing a case between the European Commission and Italy…



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The Effects of Chocolate on Enhancing Brain Health

Chocolates has been one of the most craved food of all time. This food has been dated in history since three thousand years ago. For chocolate to become a sweet and present in the candy, junk food section in grocery stores. It has once been a sacred food for God that was presented in ritual sacrifice…



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