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Obesity in America as a Social Issue

Millions of adults and children in America are dealing with health problems that are emotionally hurting them because they can’t stop eating. It is downhearted and miserable that we see young children, of ages nine through the teen stage or even adults, of ages twenty-five and up having a hard time taking a few steps, going up the stairs, using wheelchairs or even just walking. These are…

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Obesity In America,

Social Issues

Obesity: Etiology, Treatment and Complications

Introduction: When fat or adipose tissue accumulates in the body excessively or in an abnormal way that affects the human health badly, this case is called obesity. It is an epidemic complex disease with etiology of multifactor. Obesity is considered as the second cause after smoking of the preventable death. A lot of bad consequences…

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Obesity Interventions

Epidemiology The Appalachia describes a region of the continental United States that includes 420 counties in 13 states and home to over 25 million people (ARC, 2017). This region is generally considered to be disadvantaged due to the dearth of human, financial and technical resources that impact on social determinants of health in the region…

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Obesity In America

Poor Nutrition and Its Effects on Learning

Introduction School is an important place where most students consume up to one-half of their daily calories. However, there are many vending machines in American schools that provide foods for their students. Is it good for them? The answer is absolutely not. Because those foods are almost all junk foods, such as chips, candy bars,…

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People Shouldn’t Eat Junk Food

Humans are the smartest living things, so why do they do something that is bad for them? Do you want to know what that something is? It is eating junk food! Why do animals eat better things than humans? Today, we are going to talk about why people should not eat junk food. Why? Because…

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Unhealthy Eating Habits

The Effects of Great Nutrition and Poor Nutrition

In this day and age, poor nutrition is on the rise, from fast food to processed food in the freezer. It might taste good at the time, but it will eventually lead to some deeper situations that are not very good; such as stress, heart disease, diabetes, and many other possibilities. There are a ton…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Junk Food

Fast food or Junk food refers to food that is easily and quickly prepared however, it refers mainly to food that is prepared from precooked or preheated ingredients, which are then packed and sold in stores or restaurants. In 1951, the word “Fast food” was first added in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Fast food is mostly…

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Junk Food

Advantages vs Disadvantages of Fast Food

Fast Food has become one of the greatest most time manageable invention till this day. Fast food is very convenient for people with a busy work schedule or people with less free time on there hands. But in reality is fast food really the best option? Fast food is always prepared at fast speed, meaning…

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Home Made VS Fast Food

Eric Schlosser, a famous journalist from New York once said that “Fast Food is popular because it’s convenient, it’s cheap, and it tastes good but the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu”. Fast food is a type of food that is based on its speed and that’s why a large…


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The Positive Impact of Fast Food

At the time of the entry of the industrial era, fast food directly entered the culinary world. The United States is the first to make fast food. The American food industry began to think hard in the Industrial era requiring a short and flexible time in completing tasks. Workers in the industrial era are currently…

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