Food Journal Project

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In class we did a food tracking project where we tracked out food intake for three days and reflected on our eating habits. I found out that I am not a healthy eater and tend to eat under the minimum number of calories a healthy person should be eating on a day to day basis.

After recording my daily food intake I realized how unhealthy I ate by looking through my list of foods, and realized how many calories and fats I’ve been consuming by looking through my reports.

The good news, I am eating the right amount of grains and most days the right amount of fruit. Even better news, I am not eating much junk food. My diet does not have many strengths, as I don’t eat enough to have many strengths. But, I can easily strengthen my meat and vegetable intake by packing my own lunches and healthy snacks.

I eat when I am hungry and nothing in between, which means my body has no set schedule to eat. My first stop is I need to make a better schedule to eat, then I need to add more meat to my daily diet, as well as vegetables. I also need to plan to eat more, I typically only eat a few bites before I am full, finishing my meal will give my the energy that I am missing and help me sleep better. I want to eat at least four servings of fruit a day, at least three servings of vegetables a day, and I want to cut as many processed foods out of my diet as I can. I want to maintain a healthy diet because I am going to be moving out this summer. At the moment I need to start packing my own lunch instead of relying on fast food, after I move out, I will have to start watching labels and learn new recipes!

To start eating like my Day 4 Ideal Meal Plan I need to start packing my own lunches. I will increase the amount of fruit I eat as well as meat. Cold meat sandwiches make great lunches and apples/strawberries/kiwis make healthy, fulfilling snacks! I need to start waking up at the same time each day and begin to have a more structured schedule to follow day to day. I need to set down and follow healthy eating patterns and exercise patterns to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am working with my mom and sisters to start a healthier lifestyle!


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