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Sharing a Home vs. Living Alone

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Sharing a Home vs. Living Alone essay
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Living alone or sharing a place to live with another person are two situations which completely are opposite to each other. It can be really important for some people to choose their lifestyle as it can be a really serious matter for them because some prefer privacy whereas some of the people want to interact and share moments with other people. They both have their pros and cons making it an independent decision for anyone to choose from both. The factors sculpting the advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed are as follows: Finance, privacy and rules along with the lifestyle for the place.

Considering the factors for living alone, a person financially strong would prefer it. That is because prices for real estates are very high and it can be a lot of pressure for a single person. Along with the price of the place, other financial factors such as the bills, groceries and damages will be borne by one person. Meanwhile, a private place can be preferable for someone who enjoys his/her own company. There are people who would like to have a place all for themselves due to various reasons such as personal issues, nature and hygiene. The third factor creating a dilemma in one’s mind can be the rules that an individual would like to have in the place. A person that wants an open environment with no rules so that he or she can do whatever they want will for sure choose to live alone, doing chores in the house whenever wanted and not worrying who is around can be the reasons for this factor.

However, in the case of sharing a place with someone else, all the conditions discussed above are vice versa. Talking about the financial issue above, it can be solved by sharing a house, room or a basement and dividing the rent between each other. Along with the rent, bills, money for food and wear and tear that are supposed to be paid can be cooperated by the people sharing the place. Moreover, sharing a home can make a person feel loved and not lonely, fulfilling one of the basic needs of a person in life according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of basic needs. Last but not least, living together can create discipline as a need of responsibility reflects within a person as forming rules becomes necessary so that everybody can be responsible for the chores to be done in the house resulting in an improvement in one’s lifestyle.

The essay reflects the basic factors kept in mind at the point of choosing whether to live alone or to live with someone else. To sum up all the ideas discussed above, the decision depends all upon the individual’s preference and needs.


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Sharing a Home vs. Living Alone essay

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