Contrast Between APA, MLA and Chicago Formats

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The contrast between the following three formats which are APA, MLA and Chicago style which are the most important format required for writing a decent essay. The abbreviation for APA is American Psychological Association, MLA is Modern Language Association, CMOS is Chicago Manual Of Style are these formats which can make clear vision for writer to read and grab every component of the essay in understandable manner. Information regarding all these formats will be elaborated further in the essay.

Firstly, APA which is American Psychological Association which includes many vital things such that it is a Publication of Manual American Style and which importantly focuses on style of writing and the apart this it also describes that how the source cited work or the information which is being taken from the cites be cited and be kept in last as a reference. This also includes commas, times new roman, size of 12pt, and lastly double spaced. These are some noticeable things which should be kept in mind which intern can help the editor and writer of essay to identify it in a easy manner. Also, it matters that it provides quality of results based on the content or data of the essay.

Secondly, MLA Modern Language Association which is also a other important format of the essay and is needed to be followed when writing or editing it. Here, this format includes the citation of source, proper written format and which is known as MLA handbook. This is style of research and writing and in a unique way which stands out to be important. It is the publication which helps other one to be addressed of scholars and professionals who are writing it.

Another one, CMOS Chicago Manual Of Style which is last but not least and the one which is important one most proffered one amongst all and it is also used by famous writer and editors and many other in every dissimilar formats and is important to follow that and it covers every point from style and usage including source citing and data of the following topic in this style. Its also being followed in many different novels, publishing book, and article etc. This style includes the most important format that not only shows citations or source taken online but also the vital notes and references with author date, and all this makes the essay perfect for the reader and in a proper manner. For instance, (Michael, 2003) with the author and the date he found it wrote it.

Finally, concluding all the three style namely APA, MLA, CMOS which are used are having not much contrast in them but they serve each and every different style with different format and it includes all different association and publications. Also, all formats are the main and the important and it no matter that includes other formats or source. All the format should be followed by every essay, novel, or any other topic in it.

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