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How Liberalism and Capitalism are Tied Together

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“Liberalism is a political-economic system, then, is defined by its emphasis on individual freedoms over collective equality and on the power of markets over states” (O’Neil, 2013, p.89). Liberalism assumes that individuals are best suited to take responsibility for their own behavior and well-being.  Adam Smith used “liberal” in a similar sense in The Wealth of…

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Critique of Liberalism by Racism and Feminism Theorists

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We discussed various political topics and standpoints throughout this semester, including liberalism. Liberalism is a general approach to the justification of political authority that sees such authority as resting fundamentally on the rights and choices of individual citizens, whose national autonomy (right of self) and freedom to choose for themselves is respected by such authority…

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Classical Liberalism and Neo-Liberalism

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Realists respond to anarchy by opting into a familiar survival-tactic behavior created by the state. However, in reality it is everyone helping themselves. Consequently, this mindset/plan of action and execution sets in motion, will and sole interests in maximizing power, even if it means causing the downfall of another state. Liberalists first prefer their own…

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Economic Liberalism

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One thing that serves as an agent in free-market society is through liberalization in the economy. It requires the involvement of people as they are the ones who will be affected by the said phenomenon. Collectivism, as opposed to liberalism, requires also the participation of different sectors in the society in a collective manner, it…

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Hartz’s Propositions of American Liberalism

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United States

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term “liberal” is defined as “archaic : of or befitting a man of free birth” or “marked by generosity.” In the eyes of most people, the term “liberal” is synonymous with “tolerant” and “open-minded.” However, in “The Concept of a Liberal Society,” Louis Hartz — an influential political scientist…

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Issue of Liberalism in American Politics

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Within America, there have been many issues over time when dealing with politics. There are so many people who want to make their way into politics and talk as much change as possible with not only on what the people want but what they actually want because they feel that since they’re in the position…

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A Critique of Neo-Liberalism from the Ethiopian Context

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Economic Growth


Introduction In the first part of this paper, we will discuss the origin and development of neoliberalism, secondly, I will overview some of the criticisms of neoliberalism and in the last, I will forward my critique of neoliberalism from the Ethiopian context. Meaning and Definition of Neoliberalism What is Neoliberalism? Neoliberalism has no clear definition…

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Success and Decline of Liberalism

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Today in America, we find ourselves at a crossroads once again — should we embrace socialism or should we continue down the slow road of liberalism? To find an answer to this question, we look at Freidrich Hayek’s first chapter in The Road to Serfdom where he makes an interesting proposition about the fate of…

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China and the Neo-Liberalism

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The current political and economic systems that underly international relations have fostered a sink or swim environment for those who strive for dominance. China’s rapid rise to economic rivalry is a direct result of the benefits of participating in the neoliberal system. By reforming their economy to better participate in the capitalistic global market, an…

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Neo-Liberal Policies

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Political science


The emergence of neo-liberalism in 1980s, has directly related to disfavoring of the social welfare state. Before neo-liberalism, social welfare state emerged as a result of 1929 economic crisis which was introduced by Keynes. He defended state intervention to the economy by destroying orthodox approach. According to Keynes, 1929 crisis proved that the economy is…

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