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Karl Marx and His Marxist Theory

The correct method, technique or procedure of acquiring knowledge and knowing if certain knowledge in a specific field or interest is in fact exactly what it is said to be has always and will always be a difficult aspect to confirm. What we know plays a huge part in the way we view the world,…

Karl Marx,


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Marxism and Structuralism

The basic point of view started by Marxist speculations and reflected in structuralist hypotheses lays on the major epistemological supposition that information is socially developed by and in light of a legitimate concern for the predominant in the public arena. The presumption that information is generally arranged and contextualized is a significant knowledge of Marxism…



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Marxism Visions

Marxism and structuralism in a general sense challenge the ontological and epistemological cases of liberal scholars. While liberal ontological cases dependent on a supernatural vision of the real world, Marxism and structuralism claims depend on a realist vision of social equity. The key idea vital to Marxist investigation is the idea of creation and the…




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Satire Based On Equality In Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell which is kind of a satire based on equality, in which all animals gradually started to learn to live free from the clutches of human masters’. The book was published during the world war II in England in the year 1945 and in the United States…

Animal Farm,



Russian Revolution

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Heart of Darkness Critical Analysis

Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness could be said to be written during a period of change, as the world was transitioning from the end of the Victorian age into the beginning of the modern age. This novella is considered to be one of the greatest fictitious writings in the English language that follows the…


Heart of Darkness,



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The Concept of Intersectionality Argumentative Essay

The concept of intersectionality has made a significant contribution to feminist theory. Intersectionality has now become a major feature of feminist scholarly work, despite continued debates surrounding its precise definition. Since the term was coined and the field established in the late 1980s, countless articles, volumes and conferences have grown out of it, heralding a…





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The Great Gatsby Classics of American Literature Critical Essay

The Great Gatsby may be the most popular classic in modern American fiction. It is a 1925 novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The purpose of the Great Gatsby is to show the effects and powers of consumerism, class division, decadence, the American dream and loss of religion in 1920’s society. The Great…

American Literature,


Movie Review,

The Great Gatsby

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The Concept of Alienation in “Estranged Labour” and “The Metamorphosis” Summary

Alienation can be defined as a condition in which an individual is isolated from their work, society, sense of self and/or humanity. Alienation contemporarily exists in society however, was much more prevalent decades ago. The concept of alienation is explored in Karl Marx’s ‘Estranged Labour’ derived from his Philosophical and Economic Manuscripts and also in…

Karl Marx,


The Metamorphosis

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