Effects of Volunteering on My Personal and Professional Life

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As a communication design student at the Özyeğin University, I have acquired skills in extensive knowledge in graphic design, interactive media design, photography, and film. Using my knowledge of these, I held an internship at different 3 companies. During these internships, I created prototypes for new product ideas and developed graphics for products. Also, I designed various posts templates for the client’s social media channels and I edited some video works for the client’s youtube channel. Besides my professional experiences, I learned lots of skills for my personal development in the business world such as effective communication, managing stress and hardworking.

I had three titles through which I volunteered for 4 years: as a youth worker, as a child support worker, and as a content producer. All of these valuable experiences impacted my life in professional and personal aspects.

Last year, I volunteered in Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG – Community Volunteers Foundation) for 8 months. I helped the field team create training and coordinate projects. I was part of youth studies. Our purpose was to improve young people from different regions in Turkey. Also, we supported to create social responsibilities projects to them. My team (2 volunteers and 1 coordinator) was responsible for 18 cities in Turkey. On the purpose of creating awareness with young people, we made various social responsibility projects in different cities with our youth teams which we mentored. Also, we created different training, we designed workshops and gave seminars about team working, volunteering, project time management. I visited 10 cities for 8 months and I observed different cultures in Turkey. I gained many experiences. These experiences showed a different perspective of myself: open-minded and respectful towards different cultures.

Also, I volunteered at The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV). KAÇUV supports the child with cancer physically and socially. During my volunteering time, I came together with children and played educational games. I was commonly sensitive and creative when spent time with children. I also gained lots of joy from teaching and playing. Through played games, I made a powerful connection with them and I learned how to teach enjoyably.

I have been always curious about art history since I was a teenager. When I started university for learning interactive design, I attended a lesson about art history. After attending this lesson, I decided to share the information which I learned. Also, I wanted to create awareness. In my opinion, artistic information is for all society not only a group of people. Unfortunately, in my country, this background is not accessible and primary. For creating equal opportunities, I wrote per month in Sanat Karavanı for online readers for approximately 1.5 years. This experience supported my curious and researcher soul and gave me lots of inspiration as an author. Now I don’t write but still, I exploring art and cultural cases all over the world.

This summer, I was a mentor in the Büyükada Nazım Hikmet Literature Summer Camp sponsored by TOG. I assisted this project with the selection of participants and various communication issues. In this camp, I worked with 20 young people from different cities. My major helping area was teaching youth how to use a camera and make an edit. At the end of the project, I edited movies about the place of memory from Büyükada.


All of the experiences gave me valuable lessons in my personal life. Taking action for others is precious and pure. I think people should feel responsible for everything. We are human and we share one world. We should help each other. This insight is crucial for humanity. In my opinion, volunteerism is endless.


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