Customer Service Audit

Updated June 28, 2021

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Customer Service Audit essay

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Customer service audit is used as a means of evaluating the level of service a company is providing and as a benchmark for assessing the impact of change in customer service policies. The objective of an audit are to identify critical customer service elements.

Steps in Performing a Customer Service Audit

Step 1: Establish a task forces. You will be able to assess the review process, firms are required to use task force because members of the task force are involved in the decision making process and recognise that their responsible for implementing the recommendations. It leads to the level of commitment that is not possible when recommended strategies and system changes are proposed by an outside agency or b an individual within the firm who is not involved in the actual day to day operations of the function.

Step 2: review /analyse organisational structure by reviewing the cooperate mission, goals and strategies in the logistics audit in order to provide an overall direction. The strategies of marketing and production must also be reviewed to ensure that logistics objectives and activities are supporting key business function. This review will help identify critical areas for review and focus during logistics audit and it will also help identify the important logistics performance measures the in eyes of customers.

Step 3: Construct key questions, to serve as a basis for both internal and external audit interviews, to be able to identify weaknesses in the current system and to be able to recommend improvements. The questions should be broad enough to be able to identify opportunities and barriers to logistics contributing to a competitive advantage for the organization.

Step 4: identify critical measures and variables. Identifying and conceptualising critical and measurement that are accurate, reliable and efficient. Once the questions have been identified, the logistics audit team can determined how it will judge whether logistics is meeting the organisations’ objectives.

Step 5: An external audit of customer perspectives and requirements should be undertaken in order to determine the firm’s performance, competitive practices and performance, as well the specific level of service.

Step 6: Conduct an internal audit of current logistics performance, it involves two distinct processes which are personal interview in representative from various functions throughout the firm and sampling of firm records and transaction data so that the existing operating system can be statistically analysed and performance accurately described

Step 7: Cost and service trade off alternatives must be identified and analysed. Based on this analysis the team should be able to develop and recommend a strategy and supporting measurements needed to monitor the progress made in pursuing that strategy

Step 8: The questioner identified in step 3 must be addressed and improvements and changes to the current system identified and recommended to management

Step 9: The system that will exist after the recommended changes should be described and expected performance


Customer service audit is a way of determining the existing service levels, determining how performance is measured and reported and appraising the impact of changes in customer service policies.

Customer Service Audit essay

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