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Impact of Food Advertising on Diet 

The impact of advertising on consumers’ diet is more important than they may realize. This is due to advertising working in such subtle ways that consumers often do not even realize they are being marketed to when the way they eat changes after coming across advertisements. It has been determined that food advertisements have an…




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Is Advertising Out of Control?

In 2016, the worldwide spending on advertising is more than 500 billion U.S. dollars. The amount of U.S. dollars spent on advertising only in the United States is approximately 190 billion. Worldwide spending on advertising is expected to grow to 724 billion by 2020. (“Global Advertising Spending”). Because of all that spending, I think that…



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Online Targeted Advertising 

If you want to know the latest social trends or anything about pop culture, simply ask a teenager. The best way for marketers to get the attention of kids and teens is through social media, as this is where trends are born. Advertisers use social media as a platform for marketing brands. I spend most…


Social Media

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Advertising Influences and Impacts

We are bombarded by advertising on a daily basis either on the television, the radio, in magazines, or just driving down the highway, and with so much of it all the time, we don’t stop to think what kind of impact that has on us. Advertisements are meant to sell us something or persuade us…



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Kraft and Advertising

Crafted in 1903, Kraft Foods Inc, is now the largest food and beverage company in North America (Houseman, Hwa &O’Rourke). The company has grown into an international company that reaches a billion consumers in 150 countries (Kraft Foods Inc., 2006). They are known for providing high-quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether…




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Social Media Targeted Advertising

Advertisements displayed throughout social media serve as a way to target specific individuals to purchase a product or subscription relative to the potential customer’s interests. Typically, advertisements that are presented are based off of the user’s activity and/or search history to target the intended audience, and, therefore, the advertisements suggest a somewhat accurate depiction of…


Social Media

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Online Advertising

Due to the rapid expansion of the internet and the digital world, printed newspaper circulation has continued to drop over the past couple of decades. For example, in the U.S. only, weekday print circulation has shrunk from a high of nearly 60 million (Newspapers Fact Sheet) in 1994 to 35 million (Newspapers Fact Sheet) for…



Social Media

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Chicago’s Cigarette and Alcohol Advertising Policy

In 1997, the City Council of Chicago passed an ordinance to restrict the advertising of cigarettes and alcohol (Martin & Washburn, 1997). The intention was to curb the use and risks associated with the use of the two substances. This was particularly targeted towards minority communities, where advertising is higher. It appears from the language…




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The Bank of Jordan Media Advertising

In recent times there has been an many various advertising campaigns occuring in my country, Jordan in which there is creativity and competeition. Nowadays, there are many amazing famous advertising campagins, that are outstanding. One of the most important of these campaigns was the campaigns by The Bank of Jordan, where they had some nice…



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What Advertising Is?

Adverting is just a single component of the advancement blend, yet it frequently viewed as noticeable in the general advertising blend outline. Its high perceivability and inescapability made it as a critical social and encomia point in Indian culture. Advancement might be characterized as ‘the co-appointment of all merchant started endeavors to set up channels…



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