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Consumer Behavior and Environmental Pollution Issues

Abstract Consumer behavior and thoughts towards plastics in the United States has become a typical conversation at the dinner table, clubs, restaurants and in our government. Some view having a band on certain plastics will help with the pollutions we have in the ocean and our lands. One of these controversial plastics in conversations is…

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Socially Responsible Consumer Behavior

Information pertaining to consumer perceptions and consumer behavior is important to firms as it can serve as a tool to increase sales, but more importantly, contribute to the increase of a company’s involvement in socially responsible causes to improve overall human welfare. In related research, there have been various methods of studying consumer perceptions of…

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Corporate Social Responsibility,


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Indian Consumer Behavior Research Paper

Introduction It’s the era of globalization; no one can deny the fact that in order to survive in the market, one has to expand. And this brings a number of challenges in front of the business. They have to identify the viability of the market by scanning the environment. Understanding the culture is one of…

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The Effects of Store Environment on Consumer Behavior

 Introduction This essay will help in sharing my understanding of how the store environment influences consumer behavior. In this essay, understanding how the different elements that make up the store environment will be reviewed and I shall attempt to explain to my readers on how these elements affect shoppers and how they influence the consumers’…

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Why I Interested at Consumer Psychologist Career

The results of my Career Bridge assessment placed Human Services and Arts as the top two recommended categories. I chose Consumer Psychology because it carries aspects of both. My personal top two desired fields of study are psychology and graphic design. Consumer Psychology relates those two things. Many of the traits potential employers desire, such…


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AR and VR Changing the Realities of Consumer Behavior

Not many years from now, this is how your vehicle’s dashboard is going to look like. With AR and VR becoming the buzzwords of the decade, with gamers chasing imaginary creatures on their smartphones, with the world watching the football World Cup in 360 degrees, this is an image of a very near future. It…

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Understanding of Analysis of Consumer Behavior

The discussions that I have been able to complete this semester in my consumer behavior course have been quite thought provoking. The discussions have allotted for peer and mentor review which are great ways to further enhance topic knowledge and also learn from constructive criticism. Being that I am a marketing major I have very…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Consumerism

Having a great understanding of the components and drivers of worldwide consumer culture is the most important point to gaining closure on consumer behavior, relevant social and organizational aspects and exposing what drives consumers to respond to the driving force of consumption. Therefore, the close relationship between social, political and environmental perspective needs to be…

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Effect of Advertisement on Consumer and Society

Introduction Advertisement is the means of communication to encourage people to make a purchase decision about products or services and convey the information to the user about the features of the goods and services. In other words, it is a paid and non-personal form of presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an…


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Analysis of Apple Smartphones Consumer Behavior

The Consumer Behavior Problem When choosing the smartphone that best fits their needs, consumers are given choices between many brands. Among those brands are the market leaders including Apple, Samsung, and Google; as well as secondary brands like LG, HTC, and Motorola. Each brand has its own qualities that separates it from the others. Both…


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