Corruption: Limbo In Mexican Citizens Economy

Updated August 4, 2022

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Corruption: Limbo In Mexican Citizens Economy essay

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Economic Lens

Discomposure has resided in Latin American countries despite the wide-reaching principle of democracy being a characteristic of numerous of these nations governments, this level of instability having been acknowledged has primarily been heightened partially because of the extensive corruption committed by officials of the state, civilians had entrusted into the system. Unscrambling and clarifying the word “corruption” is often complicated as there is no comprehensive and singular definition to encompass the multiple manners this illegality is carried out which range from bribery to embezzlement of public funds.

Jose Ivan Rodriguez-Sanchez is an investigator that has familiarity with this problematic issue in the subsidiary Baker Institute in Mexico affiliated with Rice University, according to him he further concurs since he states “there is not a single definition of corruption accepted by scholars and institutions working on this issue” (Rodriguez-Sanchez, 2018).

Within this part of the world corruption has become an epidemic since this fraudulent act runs rampant, yet latin america is not the only one suffering, as corruption takes part in other continents, altogether one notable country that has become an archetype for how corruption is devastating is Mexico. Desarrollando Ideas which translates in English to Developing Ideas is a leadership association functioning through LLORENTE & CUENCA that divulges worldwide information linked to distinct societies, published a report revealing “the level of corruption in Mexico is similar to that of the Philippines, Armenia and Mali” (Desarrollando Ideas, 2016). Similarities that bind Mexico to these countries in relation to corruption is indicative of how deeply ingrained this felony is within the government since all three countries have low rankings in surveys evaluating the state of corruption on a global scale.

Operating politicians continuously submitting in corruptious activities thrust multiple barricades upon the prosperity of Mexico’s people and economy. Setbacks are recurrently drawn from representatives of the states of Mexico since Transparency International, an establishment that strives to cease corruption conducted an analytical study in which it was determined that “214 million acts of corruption in the use of public services” in Mexico (Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2005). From this and other cases, this illicit deed is depriving Mexicans from surpassing hardships as there is a relapse rather an advancing headway in the economy.

Ventures to disintegrate the networks of corruption that occur within Mexico’s sections of government have been emphasized by current and previous administrations yet have proven to be insufficient and have prominently debilitated the countries youth and education sector, which poses roadblocks for the economy to thrive. Miguel Angel Lara Otaola an intellect alongside analyst Mathieu Tromme merged together in cooperation with The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), clarified that early on his presidency, Enrique Peña Nieto now a former president sought to play a paramount role in lessening the widespread corruption through implementing a National Anti-Corruption Commission (Otaola, & Tromme, 2014).

Efforts such as these uplifted the confidence among Mexicans, however even though reforms within this context, particularly those that are enforced to combat corruption are mobilized, countless are left unachieved. Some have expressed that administrators are partly to blame for this disconnect that intertwines both the education scope and corruption. Carlos Ornelas, a professor that has awareness and specializes in various aspects of communication in the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Xochimilco, Mexico (UAM) stressed that albeit politicians undertake programs to better education, many have prioritized ways to benefit, and aim to shrink the expenses to incorporate the programs within school facilities and other educational faculties (Ornelas, 2014).

An incident that serves as a focal point in the profuse mismanagement in governmental funds destined to ameliorate the conditions in schools is the Elba Esther Gordillo scandal. Ornelas further highlights the violation of authorization in the hands of politicians who stealthily pickpocket state funds to their advantage since he affirms that during the time span that Gordillo served as chair of the National Labor Union of Workers of Education abbreviated (SNTE) in Spanish, that Gordillo’s benefactors obtained a considerable 38% rise in their monthly salaries over a six year period.

The money that was compensated towards the head of the SNTE’s members and supporters is demonstrative that corruption complies within the union, since the resources could had a more purposeful distribution towards directly improving school premises in the nation that are dysfunctional.

Corruption: Limbo In Mexican Citizens Economy essay

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