Constitutional Powers of President

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The President has constitutional powers of acting as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the power to direct foreign policy, appoint judges, and negotiate treaties with other nations. As the Commander-in-Chief, the President acts to declare war and engage in planning military strategies. According to Siegel, the direct foreign policy allows them to protect both citizens and foreign nationals within the United States (177). The President also has the power to appoint judges and nominate them and at the same time, negotiate treaties that bind the United States with other nations.

Execution of Power

President Donald Trump recently executed the power of appointing judges on October 24, 2019. Bush explains that he appointed a total of 157 judges that were nominated inclusive of associate judges of the Supreme Court (n.p). It also included 43 judges that were appointed for the Courts of Appeal and two judges appointed in the United States Court of International Trade.

Response to the Actions of the President

The Members of Congress and the public constituency responded to the action of the President by supporting it. However, few claims were made regarding vacancies on the U.S Court of Federal Claims, U.S Tax Court, U.S Court of Appeal for Armed Forces, and U.S Court of Appeal for Veteran Claims. The public, therefore, demanded action to be taken in elevating judges to the vacant positions.

Reaction to the Actions of the President

My reaction when the President executed his presidential power by appointing the judges, I found it as a way of bringing change to the nation. It applies as the appointed judges will serve to bring a significant impact in the U.S government. I also felt the need to have immediate action taken towards the vacant positions to help bring political balance in the Courts.

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