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Career Goals and Leadership in Marketing

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Career Goals and Leadership in Marketing essay
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The career plan that I have for my life consists of a range of elements. The first and most important is the career path that I have chosen to follow, which is a mixture of a marketing plan and working as an influencer specifically for women. Included in this plan will be a few people from a networking team of mine, relevant qualities of mine, the industries and companies I would like to work for in the near future, exactly what I can offer to them, the story of my brand, the strategic work that will go behind working for and building brand awareness through various marketing techniques, how I will plan to measure my success, and what type of job or internship I intend to acquire with my desired field in mind.

To explain the start of a successful career path, it is best to indicate where the best place is to begin marketing and how a person can work their way up to the top. When it comes to marketing, most people tend to begin the path as a Social Media Coordinator, Account Manager, Project Coordinator, Event Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, or Event Marketing Specialist. Working in either one of these professions, especially as a social media manager usually requires “research, customer service, administrative tasks, and reporting to account executives, media planners, and client services, managers” and it the best job to begin with because it is paired with other tasks that were more than likely included in previous occupations that that person has had. The next step involves taking on the role of either an Advertising Manager, Brand Manager, Community Manager, Promotions Manager, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager, Social Media Manager, and Product Marketing Manager. These are each job that requires an additional character trait of leadership, as marketing managers have to orchestrate the execution of the marketing strategy and establish processes while nurturing entry-level employee growth”.

The next step in working and excelling in the marketing field is pursuing a job as either a Director of Advertising Sales, Director of Media, Director of Public Relations, Director of Marketing Analytics, Director of Marketing Research, and Director of Media. Tasks in occupations like these include conducting “research and reports from marketing managers that detail market conditions, customer data, and the competitor activities, marketing directors adjust the overall strategy with the aim of fulfilling business goals”. The overall aspiration of a marketer on this level is to increase the intensions of potential consumers and their excitement regarding the brand. Finally, when it comes down to becoming the Vice President of Brand Development of Marketing, those who aspire to work in this field must keep in mind that it “requires a mixture of leadership, technical, and business skills. Frequently acting as a spokesperson for the company, the VP of marketing is also required to work across departments within the company with the goal of bridging any gaps and strengthening the company’s products and services”. This role also may include playing the role of the recruiting manager which includes hiring aspiring workers for that business.

After learning more about entering and progressing through the marketing field, I have also acquired a few credible and helpful associates who are great at networking and can help me with growing and expanding throughout this journey. These associates include Janice Rodriques, Aria Fairman, Monet Wooding, and Najee Brunson, they are people who have helped me in terms of configuring and shaping my career focus, and getting to the point of knowing what I want to do. These are people I have met some before completing my accomplishments and others while aspiring to achieve these goals.

They, too, have helped me review my involvements, which include working as a Social Media Expert for a Modeling Agency and participating in volunteer work through my church’s dance ministry team. They have also helped me find positions such as those that are considered part of my recent involvements as a Rutgers Student, which was being a Social Media Specialist at a small business called Wonder Woman Marketing during the fall of 2018, and a Retail Sales Associate at Love Culture during the summer of 2018. Also included here was being a Master Control Operator at Rutgers University Television Network and working during the Spring of 2017 as a Community Service Coordinator, then the Public Relations Representative for an on-campus women’s empowerment group originally called I Demonstrate Educated Beauty Sisters With Values.

This networking team was not as present before I transferred to Rutgers. However, the experiences I had at Fairleigh Dickinson university still helped. While I was a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University, I had the following marketing occupations. I was the Photo Manager and Promoter of the Melodies of Heaven Gospel Choir and a member of the Radio Club. Lastly, as a student at Piscataway High School, I became a member of the Television Club during my senior year and worked as the Executive Producer of a Drinking and Driving Public Service Announcement, appeared as The Interviewer in a Filmed Student-Teacher Interview, and took on the role of being a News Anchor for Piscataway High School Morning News during my senior year.

A great part of what made me want to pursue a career in marketing and become an influencer once I master it is the fact that I got a feel of what it was like to work in both retail and to promote organizations that I took part in leading. I also became more aware of the influence that brand ambassadors and influencers have when promoting certain products to the public and realized it would be extremely beneficial to market great quality, yet very affordable products to the public. With that being said, I came to the result of working for a company like Michael Kors, Fashion Nova, or Amazon and considering becoming an influencer for Charlotte Russe, because of the fact that this company has closed down several of their stores throughout the tri-state area. There are a few stores that have reopened, but the fact of the matter is in order to keep the store in business, it is important to have someone notable who promotes their brand.

Brand Narrative

When it comes down to the brand narrative, I must also say that some unique qualities about me include the fact that I have an inner drive to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and the desire to encourage and motivate others. I also strive to do my best and ask all necessary questions possible that will help me achieve the goals I want or help the person I’m working with, or for to achieve their desired goals. I’ve been told that I’m very personable and approachable especially once people have become more familiar with who I am, how so operate, and what I’m about. When interacting with people and possible colleagues and associates during meetings, I plan to formally and professionally introduce myself as well as introducing the marketing techniques I would like to incorporate into being an influencer and working in the marketing field. I would disclose how much I know about the field in terms of how to use different types of software and programs to the companies advantage. In addition to this, I would display to the company different marketing techniques I have used to market myself to the public and how I have benefitted from it, this way they can get an idea of my capabilities based on what I have already done. These techniques would involve social media promotion techniques mostly across platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Marketing techniques for brands would include creating Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads.

Competitive Analysis

If there’s something I know, it’s that the marketing industry is a highly competitive field. In order to make it, just like any industry, lots of hard work, dedication, consistency, and discipline must be applied. Nevertheless, I also know that one of the first steps in getting a job in marketing, besides completing the job applications is Acing that interview. Something else that goes into doing so is understanding how this company hires their employees, and understanding exactly what they are looking for. For instance, when it comes to working for companies like Michael Kors or Fashion Nova, Amazon, and Charlotte Russe we know the basics, that we must show up early or on time for the interview, dressed professionally and because of the companies I would be interviewing with, to dress stylishly. Another step to be done before entering the doors of these companies as an interviewee is to conduct research on the company to find out exactly what their goals are and the best ways the interviewee can utilize your skills to help them out.

On a concluding note when it comes to marketing, three factors of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) impact are internal, as far as managing society and culture, talent development, organizational structure, technology purchasing and adoption, and collaboration. The industry, as far as drawing in with the CMO and advertising network on themes of significance for the business; and more as of societal, as far as viewpoints, assessments, and positions to be more extensive. For instance, when conducive changes a made that regard decent variety in terms of the companies connections and proper management of the incorporation, it can largely work in light of both the company and its consumers. In fact the CMO of Target, Rick Gomez even stated that “One of the key responsibilities of the CMO is to represent and communicate a company’s purpose and values both internally and externally”. Therefore, it is proven that communication skills are highly valued as they would be in any job, but can result in a great advantage when it comes to a job in marketing.

Each component regarding the networking and surveying processes, helping familiarize oneself with these industries and companies within, which entails doing research to understand both the back story and goal of the business being applied for, and communicating each play a significant role in each part of marketing. This also counts for the stages that come as easy as being a Social Media Manager, Digital Coordinator, or Digital Marketing Specialist. They are also significant factors one must keep in mind in order to effectively carry out their marketing techniques to successfully make their way to the top or the head of the industry, becoming the leader. Once that goal is reached, it is easier to successfully carry out the job of an influencer, once the person finds out exactly what the public wants and the best ways to get it to them. Excelling in marketing just like in any other career is a process, and involves a start, improvement, and consistent growth to move from one occupation within the marketing field to the next.

Career Goals and Leadership in Marketing essay

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