Business Case for Cyber Security

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In Recent years, Cyber attacks increase dramatically on every area of sector and especially on Computer and information sector it is happening every single day. Cyber security can help to secure your data or networks or programs from every type of attack that cause on your system. These cyber attacks can destroy your data. changing or accessing your systems or steal the money from the users and interrupt in normal business process. All governments and companies are taking many steps on various types of cyber attack and prevent this crime and also to prevent this types of crime, companies create the cyber security software or the system to secure their data or they hire security company to secure their information. This paper will focus on how this cyber attacks harm your system and also various types of cyber security technology develop to prevent from cyber attackers.

Business Plan

Nowadays, Companies becomes so alert towards to the cyber crime and taking every steps to prevent them to their data. Companies start making business plan for the cyber attackers and they do some different ways. Business plan for It companies is so simple but dynamic like protect the systems. Companies make a special department with group of specialized people in IT security and that team always work on this types of threat that done by cyber attackers. This types of small team always create in all companies. There is various types of technology develop for the secure the data in company. One of most popular is that they Encrypt all the file and also person who has encryption key can open the file or only staff working on given project will have access to that project files and with person who has decryption key who can see the work from the other person and both key is very private that no one knows. Other plan you can do is Move your files into the secure central server or backup all your data at end of the day. Limit your access to those people who need to know basis or give only business accessing key to person working on individual projects. Ensure everyone in the company to get familiar with IT security procedures and also give yearly training to keep security knowledge fresh. Use the all latest technology to prevent your data from attackers. Move your email to Microsoft365 or apple software and also use the secure site to prevent cyber crime to your computer. According to Bruce Schneier, “a world-renowned security guru, vulnerable applications are primarily an economic problem instead of a technological one—a point that Hewlett-Packard approvingly cites in its calls for building a business case for web application security”. Every computer needs an anti-virus software to prevent the virus from individual computer and it also helps to secure your files.

Business Case

For business purpose, every company wants to secure their data or information from hackers and cyber security becomes the high priority of the company and they spend so much money on them. They hire the best staff and managers for that position that can provide and work on any time when it need they can detect the problem immediately. There been various types of cyber security technology invented to secure all types of data. Most of the personal computer hack through the social networking site that provides you free space to use all types of information and through social media hackers hack their data. All that hackers can easily hack your computer with the malware or any type of virus that found in the computer and it can be remove with use of all latest anti-malware softwares. Nowadays, people are using the anti-virus software or malware scanner to remove the virus.

For a company, every employee has the responsibility to secure their project works form the virus. Encryption and decryption code is most popular way to secure the data form any thread. A person who is working on their project has only access to encrypt that data and for decrypt the data other person or any client has key to decrypt the data. Encryption is symmetric code that written for the system to prevent any unknown thread. Most companies use the public key to secure data because only project worker can has the key to see the information. This code so powerful that will take so many time to break them for computers. It becomes very popular in worlds. Companies can give a training to all employee a yearly so whenever it detect the problems in security it can solve by that person because human is the weakest point in the system where hackers can easily hack the data. Companies or any organization can do the network security against any unauthorized intrusion as malicious insiders. They move to the cloud security into cloud creates new security challenges. It creates new security tools to give better secure data. Application security and the IoT become wide spread technology for all physical or non physical systems like printers, sensors and many more. According to Market and Markets research “The cybersecurity market is expected to grow from USD 137.85 Billion in 2017 to USD 231.94 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.0%”. For every organization it become important to them to invest the money in the security because the more company spend in the security, will increase high marginal profit. Especially, for all IT companies need to work security because everyday life is done with the security plan.

Difference between business plan and business case

The Main difference between case and plan that plan gives you the idea of the project work but case help you in to expand that idea into works. It goes to the dept of the idea and makes a better blueprint to workout the plan. Business plan and business case has the same information but business plan has in short format while business case has present with informative way. For this topic main focus was on the cyber security and all major plan is just got implement by the getting the latest software and it can help you prevent from the virus. For encryption and decryption method for plan it can understand with just basic what encryption do but in case you will get more details about the encryption and decryption.

Business Case Template

  1. A Sample Cyber Security Business Plan Template: I like this business case template because it gives you all information about cyber security. It give with very deep knowledge about the financial and business plan summary and also its plan in different sectors like a market trend, sales strategy.It helps me to build my case study on cyber security.
  2. The Business Case For Cyber Security
  3. Making the business case for threat intelligence

Issue overview

Cyber security becomes a very big issue not only for technology way but also for business too. It is become difficult to secure due to various factors like hackers can heck this information form anywhere in the world and link between cyberspace and physical systems. It also become safety issue because every day there is new technology been develop and so every organization needs to improve their security system on time.


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The 5 C's of cyber security are confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, and non-repudiation.
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The Business Case for Security is a resource that will help small and mid-sized businesses consider how they can sell the costs for security improvements to senior leaders and other organizational controllers of the purse strings.
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