Are Hispanic Labor Essential to the US?

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I was watching the movie, “A Day Without Mexicans,” very recently and I remember back in 2004, everyone commented about how true many of the scenes from the movie, were very true. Believe it or not, many low-class types of jobs such as maids, construction workers, roofing landscaping, are exclusively for the Hispanic class. I know, since I was an installer myself, and in my time, it was very hard to see and African American nor Anglo American in this field.

I can’t help to wander if Hispanic population suddenly goes back, this issue would lead to political and economic disaster? Many people may think Hispanic’s are not the only immigrants in this country! It turns out Hispanic’s are among the very few immigrant groups that haven’t moved from the low class to middle class. (Rethink the Color Line Gallagher) Since the American Annexation of the Independent Republic of Texas, Mexicans were incorporated into the Unites States in 1845.

The Hispanic community earns less than any other ethnic group, even though most Americans would identify themselves as middle class, in fact nearly a third of the foreign-born Latino population should meet the criteria by now and in 173 years Hispanics in general, are still losing ground. Nevertheless, Hispanic’s are the biggest immigrant group in the US. We feel the pression from the dominants, in this case the political and economic power. They want to keep us in this social economic class. (Rethink the Color Line Gallagher) In 1617, Native American Indians were the dominant group for the first years and eventually were almost wiped out since, they were considered savages. The Europeans couldn’t keep them enslaved, they were tough, definent and had better knowledge that the Europeans. This made them angry, frustrated, and spiritually week. This may be the reason why the US deals with immigrants, they need us, but at the same are jealous of what our culture has that they don’t or what we can become?

African Americans slaves were brought to this country, they did not choose to come here, the Virginian settlers needed them. In order not to feel guilty, the diminished and considered them objects, otherwise it could contradict their religious beliefs. Mexicans were acquired as well as Hawaiians, for power and conquest. (ADM p#297 Takaki) They eventually both became indispensable for agricultural labor. The acquisition of power and land has always come with a price, which is the people living in those lands.

Nothing is always too dark in the Land of Opportunities, but opportunities are not always equal. I believe there is a group that stands for justice, honor and the American way, as it was intended since the beginning, which I like to call the “Founding fathers’ group.” It’s my belief that this is the second most influenced group that is always in conflict with the economic power, a more traditional and patriotic group. This group maintains the balance of power, one that supports immigrant and won the civil war. The other brings immigrants to work the jobs nobody wants to do.

It is naive to think Hispanic immigrants will go back since the US has a place for them, keeping them were they are. However other immigrants had better luck on achieving better social economic status such as (ADM p#138 Takaki) the Irish that built the thousands of miles of rail roads, that eventually made it possible for Mexicans to immigrate to “El Norte.’’ Perhaps, it was hard work or better acceptance to their European inherence. (ADM p#143 Takaki) Just as the Irish immigrants promoted their whiteness to transform their own identity from Irish’s to Americans by attacking the blacks.

It seems that Lady Liberty can shine her light to European immigrants first and Ms. Justice isn’t so blind after all, since she can see the whiteness first. We may not have European traits, but we work hard and if we get our chance, we will accomplish great things. (ADM p#303) Farmer employers prefer ignorant workers, so they wanted to keep them this way. Unfortunately, the purpose why the US keep us here is clear, work labor. Therefore, in more than 100 years we haven’t fully made our transition from the low class to the middle class.

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