Application Security Reflection

Updated August 4, 2022

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Application Security Reflection essay

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Over the span of the Application Security course, I have gained immense knowledge and skills in various areas of Information security, access control, security administration, encryption, Risk management and assessment, Incident response and Disaster recovery planning. After carefully analyzing the information gained through the lectures and the assignments assigned weekly made me profound in the subject and gave me a break through to apply the knowledge and skills mastered in my course for my work environment. I have put all my efforts for applying these skills as a Validation Engineer.

As a Validation Engineer my responsibilities also includes document control and transfer data/reports in a secure way. Data base privacy and security gave me knowledge in protecting the database Project Information Management System (PIMS) used for validation database for transfer of information and test summary reports through various platforms in my work environment.

By applying the data base privacy and security I am able to get tremendous changes in my work as PIMS admin. As a PIMS admin to protect information accessed by various team members, access control and authentication topics from this course gave me good knowledge to create secure authentication. By this, database can only be accessed by the person who has specific user credentials registered according to my organization safe access policy and additionally I created filters for data access limit so that employees can access information based on their position requirements.

With this course I came to think about an admin has lot of intensity and needs to utilize his/her access in a correct way and necessities part of mindfulness trainings. By gaining the knowledge and principles taught in these subjects are helping me in a progressive manner to attain the end results in a more secured and sophisticated way possible.

Data Encryption is one of the advanced topics which I have learnt with the help of this course. By assistance of the encryption systems which I have learnt in this course, I’m ready to send and receive the information in an increasingly secured and safe way. We began to utilize different sorts of Hashing technologies to guard the information which is rest and dynamic in our organization.

From the principles of incident response and disaster recovery, it is understood that how an organization faces challenges to determine to classify the incidents and a negative impact of incidents on the organization. From these concepts at my work place we started performing Business impact analysis intermittently so we can come to think about wherever the weak zones that should be focused more to have compelling systems for information. And also gained knowledge how important it is to have a backup for systems and databases to avoid the losses when an incident takes place.

This application security course combined with high-level technical knowledge gained from different topics assisted to master my knowledge on the database management, security and risk assessment are giving me fruitful results in my work place. And sources and information provided by Professor Dr. Loye L. Ray, his feedback for weekly discussions made me to improve my skills for performing duties as Validation Engineer.

Application Security Reflection essay

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