Soccer in European countries

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Soccer is just one of those sports. There are many beliefs about how soccer started and where it is today. Soccer has come a long way and has made a different impact on other sports.

Why is soccer more popular in European countries? Soccer did not originate from the United States. Over the years it has grown into a lot of other countries, including the United States. In 1963 the MLS came to the United States. This is a professional soccer league in the U.S. like the NBA, NFL, etc.

Although many of us have different opinions of the game of soccer it is still the most popular sport played globally. Soccer in the U.S. has only been popular for about 30 years. The U.S. men\’s soccer team placed 3rd in the 1930 World Cup. The game of soccer originated in England and began to just kick a ball, now it has become way more than just that. Every four years there is a World Cup for both men and women. It is held in a different country every four years. The tournament starts in June and goes in the middle of July. The length of the fields is 130 yards by a width of 50 to 100 yards.

Soccer like most other sports require physical actions and running. The length of the games plus stoppage time, with a 15 minute half time. You can not call timeouts in soccer, nor are there media timeouts. It involves a lot of running and being able to multitask. There are 11 people on the field per team, with four referees, three on the field and an off-field official.

In America soccer has grown to be a better-known sport. Teams can be as young as four-five years of age all the way until your mid-thirties. As a young soccer player, you can play club or recreational soccer. Recreational is just starting to learn the sport and beginners. Club soccer is a little more advanced and more structured soccer. You start talking about divisions and playing higher-ranked teams. Club teams may travel for tournaments and also play league games on the weekends. In today\’s time soccer for young people has grown a lot. There are soccer camps and more teams for young people to join to get exposure to the game.

Over time soccer and many other sports have debated on whether the sport is more physical. In other sports, you can call time outs, be able to sub more players. In this game, there is no calling a timeout or subbing more than three guys. Other sports have quarters where they get more time to rest and get a drink. Soccer is a nonstop game and will be forever. It can also be dangerous just like any other sport. There is a lot of physical contacts involved with this, for example, slide tackles, heading the ball, body to body contact. A concussion is a big injury that happens in soccer. We use our head to clear the ball out or maybe put one in the back of the net. Hitting heads on one another can also occur.

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