African Slave Trade

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I have learned a few interesting topics in history class. Sone have been told and some has been very disturbing to the eye and ear. The events, the origins of people that made who we are today. All well and not well, the cries and blood shed just to see where we are today. My topic that I am focused on is the African slave trade in the year 1650 . The trade that started it all with hate speech and racial profiling. The African slave trade took place in many different parts of the globe. Selling human beings to suffer and work. All are just a bunch of dollar signs walking around.

It started with the whites taking over parts of africa. In this process they have split up families from male to female then made them walk to the boat. Boarding then onto a boat to lay on chipped wood, chained to people that they didn’t know some from different tribes even. Along the way to the slave trade and plantations, they were forced to eat gruel. There was no “bathroom time”, so they would just have to pee and poop in themselves and lay in it. Some would die and sit in poop while the wood they were laying on would cut through their skin.

The only break they would have is when one of the whites would come down and unlock the chains to let the africans stretch on the deck of the boat. The Africans would have really bad cuts all over their bodies from the wood. When the whites would wash off the pee and poop, they used sea water and it effects the open cuts. The white would then make them dance and moves around so that the Africans wouldn’t cramp up under the deck. What the whites didn’t know is that when the africans would sing, they were speaking in their own language in code. Talking to one another in secret the whites never knew.

Arrival was the worst part. Extracted from Africa and shipped to different parts of the world for selling. One of the parts was Europe. The process would be to see if the slave owners would like the buy one of the Africans they seem fit there liking. They Africans were rated on health, Speed, and strengths. If some were sick and had diarrhea, the sellers would stick a bottle cork up their anus and fool slave owners. This was an extreme violation of the Africans human rights. It’s not fair to be captured against their will into a place that they aren’t familiar with. After some Africans were sold, they couldn’t keep their African names, the owners would force them to go by the names they gave to them.

If they didn’t obey, they would be wiped as seen in the 1977 miniseries “Roots”. Being forced to work in the hot sun strengthens but quickly drains the Africans one by one by 3 by 3 until unable to work. Some would play instruments and they would get time to dance and sing. During this time of families broken up and culture forced to disappear and some died. Some went to extreme consequences if caught running away. a toe cut off for a finger, maybe even there private parts as well. Some were raped and forced to make kids sometimes and even raped the younger girls just for a coat or blanket.

The African slave trade was a horrible and tragic event in history. People shouldn’t be used for slaves and money. Everyone is a human beings and deserve the same respect as the other person. I don’t think being invaded, forced to board a ship and working for people you dont even now, is a form of respect. I chose this topic because I think that more black people should look at this and really understand where we came from. It’s important to know the origin and history to maybe understand where we are now.

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