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Atlantic Slave Trade: How Racism Is Inherent To The Slave Trade

The number of European and American merchants, shipbuilders, and investors directly involved in the transatlantic slave trade over a period of more than 350 years was immense. It is difficult to imagine that a system that one treated human beings as commodities was not only very legal, but was considered to be ethical and a…


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Atlantic Slave Trade and Russia

Introduction Through the years marked of racial prejudice and discrimination in America are ones full of pain and sacrifice, they are also rich in history. The time period prior to the integration of the civil rights amendments was overall negative for African Americans, but that negativity withholds in itself an immense portion of black history….

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The Atlantic Slave Trade

Slavery is defined as a coerced labor that relies upon intimidation and brutality, and dehumanization. It wasn’t just a cultural system, it was a legal one. Slavery is the treatment of human beings as property in which they are deprived from their own personal, unalienable rights. The need for slaves in the Americas ultimately led…

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Atlantic Slave Trade as a Part of American History

Between the 1700s to the early 1800s, about three million captive African Americans were carried on the British and Anglo-American ships. About 40 percent went through the Middle Passage, a trip across the Atlantic Ocean, to be sold as slaves. Slavery brought America a lot of money and slaves helps boost the economy. The United…

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Slavery In America

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Slave Trade in Europe

Like Scotland, slavery played a great roll in the presence of Black people in England. Liverpool was a prominent slaving port and its ships and merchants dominated the transatlantic slave trade in the second half of the 18th century. The town and its populations gained great social and economic capital from the trade which laid…

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History of Atlantic Slave Trade

Countries trade with each other when they are in need of resources, or to fulfill their needs. By utilizing their own possessions, countries can gain a surfeit of the products they need. One example of commerce is the Atlantic Slave Trade, involving shipment of enslaved African people by slave traders, predominantly to America. The Americas…

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African Slave Trade

I have learned a few interesting topics in history class. Sone have been told and some has been very disturbing to the eye and ear. The events, the origins of people that made who we are today. All well and not well, the cries and blood shed just to see where we are today. My…

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Human Trafficking In The USA

Human trafficking begun way back when human beings used to have slaves thus its trade, after the U.S was able to achieve its independence in 1776 slave trade was eventually abolished in 1808, even though the practice would still continue, subsequently there was the passing of the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in 1865…

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