Accountability and Responsibility Argumentative Essay

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The Army was my only option, being raised back in Saint Louis in my home there wasn’t much taught to me and my siblings about accountability. It was honestly kids raising kids, so coming into the military and understanding what and how to be accountable for my own actions is new turf. In a civilian mindset when people think about the military, they think boot camp, SGT’s, uniform and being away from home. That’s what people think is hard about the military life and that’s far from the truth. The hard part about the military is the accountability and responsibility you must set forth for yourself and for people around you. It’s a different world, with different rules and different standards.

Sometimes I have a hard time setting these standards for myself because I’m still learning and trying to figure out my best self. Anyone can easily describe the definition of accountability but to show that with action is something I hope to achieve fully soon. I’m grateful to be in a place where I can look up to people with experience whom have knowledge and great ethics. I haven’t been around too many positive male figures in my life. But to be in a setting where I am, I plan to use it to my advantage so years from now a new solider can look up to me the same. It all starts with a habit and an intuitive to act in one’s self. I never knew there was a lack in what I put out into the world because I never looked at myself as hard as I do now.

I never had anyone in fact expecting more from me than I do myself. It’s a refreshing feeling yet a hard one at the same time because falling short of what’s expected of me isn’t a good feeling. But I hope to learn from my mistakes to take back to my fellow soldiers and my family. I recently got married late last year and I even asked my wife what she thought of my accountability and responsibility level. She stated that in the beginning it was hardly there but throughout the years and most certainly within this past year that it’s improved dramatically. That’s defiantly a relief because I want to be a great husband as well as a great solider and, in the future, a great father.

Accountability is around every corner you turn, from young it was taught through school work, as a teenager it was taught through freedom and as an adult its taught through bills. Which are all of things I’ve always struggled with, it never came easy to me because I never knew the true meaning. Now I see clearly, and I understand what my officials expect of me. When you look at it from someone else’s perspective it isn’t too much to ask for. When you look at it from the military branch view, they’re automatically accountable and responsible for me as soon as I sign my signature. They are responsible to make sure I’m paid, fed, clothed and housed. All I must do is report for duty and hold the highest respect for this country in and out of uniform.

How I plan on showing my superiors that I’m learning my role of responsibility is by communicating more efficiently through verbal words or through a simple message via text of my where a bouts beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings. Also, timing is another thing needing improvement in my day to day activities. I plan on improving this by planning the day before, getting a good night’s rest and telling/asking permission from my superiors of any important personal matters I must squeeze in throughout the day.

Self-discipline is a critical aspect in time management. When someone like myself must choose between writing an accountability essay for an example over playing Xbox or hanging out with friends, it is vital to prioritize tasks and hold yourself accountable for sticking with time frames set in place for yourself. Wanting to complete an obligated duty first over anything else will help avoid rushing at the last minute and enjoy the time after any task. Which in turn will make someone feel more accomplished and relived. Self-discipline means that you are the driver of your own actions and decisions. Making choices sensibly and not on a whim. And since everyone is accountable for the choices that they make, everyone is responsible for their successes.

Accountability is delivering. Accountability is when you take and accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions. An accountable person is someone focused on what is right. An accountable person acts on a moral code, which in turn is looked up to as a trustworthy person with people who can depend on those qualities.

Accountability isn’t always held in a positive light. Sometimes you’re put in horrible situations which involves having answers for people who might be affected by your actions. As a person develops a more influential role in society accountability becomes ever more crucial.

Accountability means your words match your actions. Holding one’s self accountable is an honorable duty that promptly produces the respect and integrity of those around you, for standing strong with your thoughts and opinions is far more rewarding than achieving the right outcomes in the wrong way.

Accountability is honor.

Accountability is the capability to pull through commitments made by one’s self.

Accountability requires a profound individual understanding that we each are productive members in worldwide, nationwide, and local wide communities. Which involves honoring these communities’ duties and laws, that we serve and protect these communities with integrity, and that we treat everyone with respect and poise.

To be accountable is to constantly establish the commitment to stand up and support anyone, civilian, group, or community, and to have the right moral grounds to do so even if you stand alone. It is a dedication that is only truthfully apparent during the roughest of times.

Accountability is the shared definition of leadership. While leadership comes with having impact, accountability is the volume to be impactful. Within a fair community, every act of influence must be compensated by an equally-weighted obligation.

Accountability means directing yourself in a way that would make your country, military, superiors, fellow soldiers and family around you proud. It means honoring, exceeding, and always improving on your moral standards. Accountability means understanding the consequences of your actions and the effects of your decisions. It means taking a vigorous position in sustaining the world that surrounds you. It means acting on the change you’d like to see in this world and the next.

It means adding positive outlooks and thoughts to the good of the world and being active in facing issues throughout the world. Even more so now that I’m an active solider for the U.S. Army. Which has more meaning to support and guide people with honor. These goals are not jointly limited. Moderately, by distinguishing that the significances of our decisions impact the people of today but that they also impact the next generation to come that will make moral decisions that’ll be more about the whole versus the one.

Accountability also means knowing when to step away from a situation that has become toxic knowing that you did everything in your power to produce a fruitful outcome whether it relates to occupational, strangers, family and or friends.

Taking responsibility for your own actions and understanding the actions of others is important to making correct moral choices, acting when action is vital, and inspiring ethical empowerment in others, is accountability.

Accountability means being a productive solider where my superiors and fellow peers can count on, providing service that truly adds value to my position, producing quality results and truly earning my place in the Army as a reliable solider, giving 100% effort during any duties asked of me, and using whatever capacity of my being to help out in any way that I can. Trust is ultimately assembled through accountability, and the ability to gather trust is the shared value of all leaders.

Accountability is the most active belief among all that can help fulfill and achieve any goals. Accountability, in its most basic of terms, means to take responsibility for your own words and your own actions. Even though the perception is simple, developing the moral ground for accountability is not.

Accountability means being responsable for one’s doings and safety. It means making a vow and following through with effort. To be positive in life, you must find an equilibrium for your life and be responsible for the choices you make. For example, when asked to write a 4,500-word paper on accountability it seemed like a lot for just one word but, I was given a task and it’s my duty to follow through on what I was told with the best 4,500 words on accountability I can think of. Failing to do this isn’t an option just as in anything else I put out into the world. This is my responsibility consequence or not.

Accountability is the core of leadership.

Taking responsibility is a value if lucky enough is taught at a young age. As someone gets older, they learn to use this notion to their advantage to become a successful member of society and thus, sustain a vigorous style of adulting. Some of the areas that I think someone needs to take personal accountability in are taking care of themselves, caring for other people’s needs and passions. Specifically, for me work place roles and dependability. When you disregard personal accountability, others are affected in countless ways that you may not have even expected.

At the end of the day, take time to mirror on what you have accomplished through the passage of the day. Self- reflection is a crucial part of self-development. This may help you acquire new idea’s and values about yourself and others. Thus, contributing to personal growth and efficiency. You will identify the areas in which you are not so productive through a better understanding of what is causing the low productivity within any situation you put yourself in. You can then make the proper changes to expand that productivity.

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What comes first responsibility or accountability?
It is hard to say which comes first, but they are both important. Without responsibility, there can be no accountability, but accountability cannot exist without responsibility.
What is the difference between taking responsibility and accountability?
Taking responsibility is owning up to your actions and their consequences, while accountability is being answerable to someone for your actions.
Why is responsibility and accountability important?
Being responsible and accountable ensures that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. It also allows individuals to be held accountable for their actions, which promotes a sense of ownership and pride in work.
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