How Would World Peace Affect the United States Economy

Updated November 22, 2021

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How Would World Peace Affect the United States Economy essay

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The world has been at War since to turn the time is always been a source of economic power whether it was to start War. As a child growing up my favorite show was that I waited every year was to watch the Miss USA pageant contestants were often asked what they would like to see happen in their lifetime. What I did not realize at that time was that our military provided economic stability before the world hundreds of thousands of people are employed by the United States military the thought of World Peace would bring world would bring a definite economic.

Strife to the United States of America instantly there would be millions of people employed if there was ever World Peace. World Peace the song means the end of war and to others it means the end all the problems we perceive as a Stringer peaceful way of life peaceful way of life in most people’s minds means no death but as long as the United States has been in existence we have always had a military protected to protect our sovereignty United States of America largest in the world.

As we continue to discuss world peace and what it would mean to the economic stability of the United States into the world you will see that world peace would bring its own set of problems World Peace may also bring about another War. What was the process of trying to selves from the current system of things ie half of the country is employed by the department defense and the other half is employed by the private sector so how would the United States dies without the military jobs what would it look like is the Department of Defense handed out pink slips million employees them into the workforce of the United States at this point in time not only is the military responsible for license an economic boost. Two Towns whose economy weren’t doing so well prior to the opening of a new military base in this discuss how military spending boost the economy military spending no private solution to replace spoke purse no signal.

Corporation or group of citizens is sufficiently motivated or trustworthy enough to take on the financial responsibility for the cost of having the military one of our fathers economic. Market identify the defense of society as one of the primary functions of government and justification for reasonable taxation government is acting on behalf of the public to ensure that the military sufficiently well resource to defend the nation in practice however defending. Nation expands to defend the nation’s strategic interest and the whole concept of sufficient is Up For Debate as Nations up their militaries jobs are a big part of the economic impact of the military spending of course there are the active troops but there is also considerable infrastructure build up around them that requires contractors trades consultants and so on to support the military businesses that spring up.

As a result of the military spending including everything from weapons manufacturers to restaurants that pop up near military bases animus point out dollars for those jobs directly or indirectly are actually sucking the equivalent number of jobs or more out of the private economy due to the taxation needed to create them. It really comes down to not you believe the standing military is a necessity and some jobs will need to be sacrificed in the private sector to make that happen of course people will still argue the best and noon wasn’t standing military should be that’s as much as a potential question.

The United States Department of Defense has proposed a budget of 681.1 Billion for the FY 2019. Keep in mind the current total debt of the U.S. is 24.57 Trillion dollars. Over several years, the U.S. could slowly pay down the current debt if we were to stop paying for the proliferation of weapons and invest in diplomacy and peace.

Coming up a solid dollar amount on what war cost is difficult. For example, when a soldier is injured in war, there are direct costs, such as his or her medical care, and indirect costs like lost lifetime wages if he or she is disabled. But there’s more. Suppose it cost $100,000 to treat a wounded soldier, who loses five years of wages from inability to work, amounting to another $250,000. That’s not the whole cost because that money could have been spent on something productive, something that adds value When you manufacture a bomb, in the best-case scenario, it never gets used. In the worst-case scenario, the bomb gets used, and destroys value human lives or physical capital, or most likely both. So let’s compare manufacturing computers and manufacturing guns, and ask which makes more economic sense. (Deutsche Welle, 2017).

It is very difficult to research a hypothetical scenario on the impact to the United States economy if the military was dissolved to preserve world peace. We do not have an adequate way to measure the effects of millions of unemployed people in a once thriving economy. It may be possible to make an argument that the economy would survive in an economy where the military was often responsible for economic growth and job security.

While conducting research on this topic, I came across The Stockholm International Peace Research institute (SIPRI). The information provided by the data collected by this institution was very help in making the argument that world peace would destroy the American economy. The funding provided to the United States Military is a problem that cannot be solved by a private funding source. In 2017, the United States spent 610 billion dollars. As a sovereign country, defense has to be high on the list of priories.

World Peace means the end of war. The most soldiers do wants they leave the military. foremost military members active duty they are either scared or excited. Some soldiers take advantage of the GI Bill education benefit from the Department of Veteran Affairs choose this benefit to poop meaning of the military occupational specialties also exist in the civilian World make it an easy transition. both my mother and father served in the military my father was a tank commander Sergeant when he left the military my mother was a nurse with the rank of corporal when she left the military I mention rank because later I will briefly discuss salary as it relates to military versus civilian jobs my father’s military occupational specialty. Terry he went to work Macon golf carts in Augusta Georgia this is a manufacturing job. My mother on the other hand her military occupational specialty are you over into the civilian world and she use her GI Bill to complete her bachelor’s degree in nursing to this day.

Military pay is regulated by rank and years of service. This would be in the plus column for dissolving the military in the since you can make more money in the private sector. The benefits of such health care, free housing, life insurance, 20 retirement etc. definitely provide financial stability to military family who live below the poverty level. The benefits are unmatched if you are lucky enough to complete a 20 year tour of duty without being deployed to a war zone.

My parents were successful in transitioning from the military back into the civilian life. Unfortunately, there are veterans who did not enjoy the same success after their service to our country. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics listed their data from 2017 in reference to veteran unemployment. Among the 370,000 unemployed veterans in 2017, 59 percent were age 25 to 54, 37 percent were age 55 and over, and 4 percent were age 18 to 24. The significance of 370,000 unemployed veterans would be added to the total number of unemployed military personnel if the military laid off all its personnel.

Now I’m imagine world at peace for the sake of expediency States a country that no longer has to protect his sovereignty June 17th title military is the largest employer in the world bicycle chain. Department of Defense name the largest employer in the world with 3.2 million employees on his payroll according to the world economic forum (chan 2015). with 3.2 million employees it is plain to see United States military only the economy but around the world. Could the United States economy I’ve an immediate shutdown of his military the National Defense budget 3.1% domestic product US Department of Defense 2018 as you know domestic product is one of the main factors used to determine how well a countries economy is doing.

Changes in the Department of Defense spending it’s in foreign countries in different ways for starters I will discuss military base closures often closures happen they leave communities with uncertainty especially if the Base is located 10 small town the base provides a large percentage of the community jobs. Studies conducted by the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC) show that changes in military base employment have a local and no base employment (MOS 2017). When bases close manufacturers and businesses off base please poor family member’s employees.

Using the information provided by the BRAC commission was used to determine if the economies of communities experienced an unfavorable impact due to a base closure. The BRAC commission information gave tangible information which will be used in this report to simulate the effects on the economy if the military were to be dissolved. In order to keep the American economy intact, the government would have to implement policies that will limit the negative effects on the communities once the Base has closed.

The following 3 paragraphs is an excerpt from a 1997 Forbes magazine article that discussed growth in several communities after military bases were closed. Some areas have done much better once shorn of their bases. The Defense Department studied the 97 bases closed in the 1960s and 1970s and found that the closings eliminated 87,600 civilian jobs over 20 years. It also found that by 1993 new industries located on the former bases were employing 171,100 people. Note that this study was published well before the U.S. economy began to hum.

Chanute Air Force Base is a 2,130-acre facility abutting the small prairie town of Rantoul, Ill. A training facility for fighter pilots and support personnel, it was shut down in September 1993. Congressional Budget Office extrapolators said closing Chanute would cost the local economy $340 million a year. ‘There was absolute panic,’ recalls Dennis Long, chairman of the Bank of Rantoul. Since then, however, retail sales in Rantoul have climbed 15%. Unemployment has been halved, to just over 3%. Long, ensconced in fancy, newly renovated offices, notes that his bank’s assets have grown from $65 million in 1988, when the base was first listed for mothballing, to more than $101 million last year.

The old Air Force landing strip is now a civilian airport. The 220,000-square-foot Hangar 1 houses a Textron Inc. unit that makes all the dashboards for Chrysler’s minivans. In Hangar 3 Cradco Corp. is turning out residential windows. The old officers’ club is now an inn and restaurant; an old dormitory for troops is a senior citizens’ home with 150 residents; even the tanks that once held jet fuel now store fertilizer. All told, 77 firms with nearly 2,000 civilian employees call the base home;48% more than were employed here by the military (Spiegel 2013).

While research the impact of military base closures, I found that large Military bases do not contribute as much to the local economy as I originally thought. For example; A detailed study of El Toro Marine Base in Orange County, Calif. revealed that in 1993, though the military personnel spent more than $60 million that year, they spent only $1.6 million locally. (Spiegel 2013). How is this possible? Military bases that have a large complement of personnel living with the facility often have their own hospitals, restaurants and grocery stores which are tax free.

This is just a couple of examples that show it may be possible for the U.S economy to not only survive without the military industrial complex but flourish with a strong private sector job market.

3.2 million people are now unemployed looking for jobs the American job market in a diverse Workforce . not only were there be an unprecedented competition for those jobs but competition for housing as well from former soldiers families once lived on base better now looking for housing . The United States has navigated through this hypothetical scenario once before it was called the Great migration. From 1916 to 1970, during this Great Migration estimated the some 6 million black Southerners two urban areas Quest. Even though the Great Migration was over 54 years ago, it gives helpful insight to what would happen to our economy if there was no more military.

World Peace will not happen overnight. It will take years to draw down troops close bases sample Mather Air Force Base in California officially closed in 1993 and the base was put on the BRAC list in 1988. During the 1920s when labor shortages hit the United States because of the war, the Factories at that time needed unskilled laborers. Fast forward to 2018 if the DOD was disbanded and all DOD employees were laid off, competition will not only be between people but technology as well.

The United States Military is the employment base for the United States job market. Looking back to 2010 in the article published Science Monitor Titled “America Biggest Job Program; The Military, Robert Reich stated the unemployment rate in 2010 9.5%. If the United States military were to be dismantled the unemployment rate would reach 11.5%. During the Great Depression, the unemployment rate reached an all-time high of 24.9% in 1933. Unemployment was more than 14% from 1931 to 1940. unemployment remained in the single digits until 1982 when it reach 10.8% the annual unemployment rate reach 9.9% in 2009 session (Amadeo 2018).

The United States is heavily dependent on its military to keep its economy strong the industries that keep the military strong play another part and keeping the economy strong as well complex military industrial complex is a network of individuals Industries institutions involved in the production of weapons new technology weather 20818 . in the private sector major companies that rank in the top 100 events for the United States military these are Lockheed Martin which as of 2017, employees 100,00 people, Boeing employees 140,000 people, Northrop Grumman 70,000 people, General Dynamics 98,000 employees, Ratheon 64,000 employees, and L3 Communications 31,000 employees.

Approximately 504,400 employees make up the top 6 major companies in the United States Industrial complex that provide weapons for the United States. to put this in perspective , the United States Census Bureau annual of the resident population from April 1st 2010 to July 1, 2017, estimates the population of Kansas City to be 488,943, St. Louis 308,626, Springfield 167,376 and Columbia 121,717. criminal defense and these companies no longer had as a customer, the unemployment aforementioned companies dwarf the population of four major cities.

Looking at the connection economy US military it appears that world peace is nowhere in the equation it is almost unbelievable keeping Americans employed through the threat of War or under the guise of Homeland Security. Is if these companies business they would have to sell to our enemies and countries whose currency not as strong as the US dollar. If these countries begin to sell they would undoubtedly have massive layoffs.

Is it possible for the United States economy to survive if World Peace was declared say yes period the United States would have to realign. Jobs could be created by investing in the infrastructure of the country the United States would have to focus on programs that prioritize structure of our nation. Jobs in Industries once again flourish its focus transportation K through 12 schools Global energy freshwater systems and new ideas the wedding land.

Even though the United States economy is heavily dependent upon the our military for financial stability, it is possible for our country to carry on if there were no more wars. There our several countries who have found ways to have a stable economy without a military force. The South American Country of Panama has not had a military for about 20 years. Iceland is another country with a stable economy and it has survived over 140 years. The United States could use the economies of the other 14 countries around the world that do not have a standing military as blue print to restructure our own economy.

This research paper examined several issues that would the accompany world peace within the United States. Permanent loss of all military expenditures could mean increase in public and private sector growth as seen in California. The possibility of the economy surviving by relocating ex-military resources to into the private sector defiantly could ease the burden of 3.2 million ex-Department of Defense employees.

World Peace would be the best possible outcome for civilization. Death because of wars for financial gain of countries for companies would be a thing of the past. In the end, world peace would not destroy our economy as history has shown. America would weather the storm of another great recession and once again be saved by the private sector.

How Would World Peace Affect the United States Economy essay

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