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My Notion in Philippine History

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My Notion in Philippine History essay
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Introduction of History

In my point of view, history refers to our roots as an individual. In a more specific explanation, Alpha History defines the word in “What is History?” as; “History is the study of past- specifically, the people, societies, events and problems of the past- and our attempt to understand them.”

Based on the discussion we had in history, studying history help us to know the reasons and determine events happened in the past in order for us to understand things in the present. Also, to value and acknowledge people who sacrifices huge matters for our country. In my own notion, the most important reason why are we studying history is to avoid the same incident that happened in the past.

As we all know, our past was full of harassments, crime, and abusing incidents during the colonizations of other countries that is why history should not repeat itself for us Filipinos.

I believe that all Filipinos must be knowledgeable about our roots because what happens in the past, plays a huge role in our identity and present lives.

History related article, books and other materials are the things we are depending on to join and collect amount of information. Writing a history helps the readers to gather data that were summarized already by the historians. In some aspects, there are problems that might encounter by the writer in the process of writing. Collecting the most most legitimate information is the hardest part of creating a document regarding the past. Our past is extensive compared to the events that was remembered, recorded and written. That leads historians to have an insufficient data to support their theories. Aside from that, the courage, willingness and patience of the people creating an information about the history should be present because it is time consuming.

Despite all the difficulties, Filipino and other writers should continue what they are doing because it can give a great help for our country.

Content and Contextual Analysis

Resources such as books, articles, documents, etc., are classified into primary and secondary sources.

Primary sources provide a first-hand account of an event or time period and are considered to be authoritative (University Librarian, 2019). For example, diaries of the person involved in the specific event, interviews, etc., Secondary sources offer an analysis, interpretation or a restatement of primary sources are considered to be persuasive (University Librarian, 2019). Such as research papers, textbooks, etc.

Information given by the primary sources is considered more than the secondary because this information created by the person who is involved in the situation and underwent the evaluation of some people in a position supported by law.

This does not mean that all primary sources are reliable or have true data, you need to be a critical thinker when it comes to the credibility of some primary sources.


There are a lot of controversies about Philippine History. Do you know that Jose Rizal is not our national hero? According to National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA), there was no law, executive order, or proclamation that has been passed to proclaim any historical figures as a national hero. Therefore, we do not have a national hero as of now. Yes, it is really unbelievable that Jose Rizal is not our national hero because this is what textbooks taught us. That is the reason why we should learn how to be critical evaluators of documents because some data might lead us to misunderstand information. Regardless of what he is, we cannot deny that he contributes a lot in our country and that is something we should respect.


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My Notion in Philippine History essay

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