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Leveraging Information Technologies to Increase Government Accountability and Transparency

Technological advancements are transforming the process by which information is obtained. It has allowed for transparency and accountability regarding the government and is slowly revolutionizing the structure of the world. Italy has introduced a Freedom of Information law as well as a Digital4Democracy government program. Out of these to implementations, only Digital4Democracy has proved to…


Computer Science,


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Accountability and Responsibility Argumentative Essay

The Army was my only option, being raised back in Saint Louis in my home there wasn’t much taught to me and my siblings about accountability. It was honestly kids raising kids, so coming into the military and understanding what and how to be accountable for my own actions is new turf. In a civilian…




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Accountability in Governance Networks

The research question and the tenacity of the study have been addressed explicitly by the authors. The manuscript provides the operational definition of the concept of governance networks and also describes conceptual models. Besides, the authors have referenced different works of literature that express the idea of governance network and which link network governance to…



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Lack of Accountability in Risk Management

Recently, risk managers have caught everyone’s attention because recently, it’s become a more relevant topic in today’s society, and they want to learn more about the risk management business every day, and all the benefits that tag along with it. This also includes learning about the issues that come along with being a risk manager….


Decision Making

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Congress is Weak Because of Partisanship and Accountability to Constituents

Each branch of the US political infrastructure has various checks and balances to make sure that no one branch can overpower the other. However, with recent attempts to block the Executive from overriding the other branches. And attempts to override the Judiciary, there has been debate. About whether Congress, the legislative branch of the USA,…


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Accountability and Integrity for Physical Therapists

Embodying the APTA core values is one of the most important aspects for physical therapists and one of the reasons I have become passionate about this profession. The adherence to these values is essential for creating the positive patient-client relationships that so strongly attracts me to this profession. Embodying these qualities is of little labour…




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A Discussion on the Accountability of Artist in Violence in Real Life

It has been discussed over and over again whether or not kids are influenced by the violent video games they play, movies they watch, music they listen to, and media that is reported to them. But the fact of the matter is that all kids are affected by anything and everything. Now I’m not saying…


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Why Accountability Matters when it Comes to Hitting Your Fitness Goals

Everyone needs accountability for any sort of goals they set out to achieve. Whether it’s to lose a certain amount of weight, save up more money for a sweet vacation, quit drinking, read a certain amount of book each month, or to spend more time with your family and so on. The main point is…



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Issue of Accountability in VA Healthcare System

The current state of veteran’s healthcare in the United States, while better than it was in the recent past, is still lacking and needs improvement. Two big issues that are still plaguing the VA Healthcare system are access to healthcare and accountability for employees. First, veterans all around the country are having problems getting the…


Health Care

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Government Accounting in the Philippines: Responsibility, Accountability, and Liability

The concept of government accounting is almost the same as financial accounting but there is some difference like communicating all transactions involving the receipt and disposition of the government funds and property. If we look into the objectives of government accounting, it produces relevant information concerning the past and present transactions in the government. It…


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