Accountability and Integrity for Physical Therapists

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Embodying the APTA core values is one of the most important aspects for physical therapists and one of the reasons I have become passionate about this profession. The adherence to these values is essential for creating the positive patient-client relationships that so strongly attracts me to this profession. Embodying these qualities is of little labour to me as they are intrinsic to my nature, especially integrity and accountability. Throughout the course of my life, I believe I have demonstrated these qualities, however, I would be mistaken in asserting that they have always been present in their current capacity. My qualities of integrity and accountability have been both demonstrated and reinforced through working at physical therapy clinics, playing competitive soccer, and general life events.

One of the most exemplary environments where my accountability was called upon would be working at physical therapy clinics. Initially, I signed up at Physiomed simply to shadow. This suddenly evolved into assuming several new roles and responsibilities as I quickly became a paid aide. The reason for this swift rise is because I seldom shied away from challenging tasks. Instead, I would actively seek them out. In my time as an aide, I became personally invested in the betterment of my patients. For instance, if one of my patients was not improving with certain exercises I would take it upon myself to coordinate with the supervisor and suggest alternatives which in many cases were implemented.

Working as a physical therapy aide not only strengthened my accountability but also my integrity. I have always strived to maintain a high degree of professionalism whether it was in the way I dressed or communicated. I also aimed to maintain the integrity of the clinic, physical therapists, and the profession itself by carefully explaining the reasons for certain exercises and how it could help patients attain better outcomes, amongst many other things. My commitment to demonstrating consistent accountability and integrity transcends the professional realm and can be observed in my everyday actions. For example, I played soccer my entire life with Toronto Skillz up until the semi-professional level, where I was presented a better offer by an opposing team. Despite having no legal obligation to stay, I opted to anyways, not willing to compromise my integrity, as Toronto Skillz let me play at no cost as a child due to my low income status.

In summary, maintaining accountability and integrity along with the remaining APTA core values is a mantra I follow wholeheartedly in all facets of life. I believe I have an innate inclination to exhibit these characteristics which have only been reinforced with my life experiences, especially working as a physical therapy aide. It is for these reasons that I believe this is the profession for me and also why l believe I will make a strong candidate for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

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What are the core values for a PT?
A PT should always be looking to improve their skills and abilities, and to provide the best possible care for their patients.
What are three important qualities skills to have as a physical therapist?
Patience, Stamina, and Strength.
What is accountability in physiotherapy?
Accountability is the process of being answerable to someone for something. In physiotherapy, accountability is often used to refer to the therapist's responsibility to ensure that their patients are receiving the best possible care.
What is the most important responsibility of a physical therapist?
Developing individualized treatment plans for patients . Outlining clear goals for patients and the expected outcomes of the plan. Using exercises, stretching, equipment, and hands-on therapy to manage patients' pain, increase mobility, and prevent further pain and injury.
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