A Strong Work Ethic Is Part of the Veterinary Profession

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What do I want to be when I grow up? When I was younger I had no idea what I wanted to be. Since then, so many options have opened up. This reason exactly, is why I could never figure out what I wanted to be. At the time all jobs seemed cool and exciting but as time passed, I realized that they were a crucial part in becoming an adult, and that scared me. The job picking process became more difficult as more time passed. Eventually, I found the right job for me: Veterinary physician.

First, what are the requirements and education needed to be a Veterinary physician? The maximum and minimum of education for a veterinarian is a total of 7 to 9 years: 3 to 5 years undergraduate plus 4 years of veterinary school. To become a veterinarian generally requires 4 year of undergraduate school and four years of veterinary school and state licensure. If you want to become a specialist, they require additional residency training and board certification. Four years at an undergraduate school is approximately $63,690 at Princeton University. Four years at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine it is $147,000 to $250,000. The SAT entrance requirement for Princeton is 1450-1590, you’re GPA has to be at least 3.87.

Second, what are the jobs skills, talents, and experience needed to become a Veterinary physician? Vets have to have good health and stamina both for the extended professional training and the demands of the job. Vets need courage when dealing with animals that bite, kick and scratch, they can’t be frightened. They need to have the stamina to be able to work long hours or at night when an animal gets sick. Veterinarians also require manual dexterity to perform procedures and surgeries on animals. Veterinarians have to show compassion and kindness to animals that are suffering and the owners who love them.

Veterinarians will need a strong work ethic to meet the demands of training and the job. A way to be prepared for becoming a veterinarian in middle school or high school is taking biology to get a better understanding of how animals function. I’m suited for this career because of my vast understanding of science and my passion for it, also the fact it comes quickly to me. I’m a very determined person, when I put my mind to something, I get that task accomplished. In addition to that, I love animals, They are amazing.

Next, what are the earnings of a Veterinary physician? The standard beginning wage of a veterinarian in South Carolina is $60,980 per year, compared to the average beginning amount in the United States is $50,436. The maximum salary is $135,480, in Jacksonville, Florida the maximum salary is $188,880. Different things can affect the salary such as years of experience. Typically, more experience results in higher pay – up to a point. Such as, if the position calls for someone with 10 years of experience or higher in a particular occupation, and you don’t meet those requirements, you may be the one with the lower pay. Another thing that affects the salary is the demand. If there is a high demand for a veterinarian in a place, then the salary will increase to convince them to come to the place in need. The cost of setting yourself up and starting your practice is $249,500. These costs can be financed by budgeting the way the money is going to be spent.

Also, what is the benefit and what are the health factors of a Veterinary physician? Some health benefits veterinarians have is excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage on all bills. There are many hazards involved in this line of work. Physical hazards caused by animals include bites, scratches, kicks caused by animals. Physical hazards that are caused by medical equipment include surgical lasers, x-ray equipment, sharps, and autoclaves. Chemical hazards include exposure to anesthetic gases, hazardous drugs, surgical smoke, or latex gloves. This job also comes along with excellent perks. For instance, 2- 4 weeks of paid vacation, paid sick leave, and continuing education pay.

So, what is employment like in Veterinary physician field? Employment of veterinarians is scheduled/projected to grow to rise 19 percent from the year 2016 to 2026, way faster than the average for all occupations. Overall job prospects are expected to be very good. Many factors influence the availability of veterinary jobs. Gender is a factor, based off of calculated results, women want to work less per week while in the early years’ men generally want to work more hours. Another factor is the pay. The salary of a veterinarian ranges but the average start is $50,436, it’s a good amount of money for starting.

Next, what is Veterinary physician typical day like? Veterinarians usually work long and erratic hours. Some often work nights or weekends, and they have to respond to emergencies at any times. Every 1 in 3 veterinarians worked more than 50 hours per week. The work hours vary on seasons. Late fall and early winter where slow and they get about 20 to 30 hours per week. Horses are seasonal breeders and there is a lot of pressure to get mares bred during February. After a slow winter, February brings a sudden rush of work and activity to a veterinary practice which deals with reproduction. Foaling, lambing, and kidding season happen about this time too, so the hours go up to 50 to 60 hours of work per week during this busy time. The best part of the day for a vet is curing an animal of a sickness or helping an animal in need.

Every day an animal is injured or hurt in some kind of way. The feeling of saving an animal is fantastic. The most challenging part of the day would be putting an animal down. Veterinarians, in general, don’t enjoy this process because they love animals and they do as much as they can to, to save animals. Inconveniently, not all of them can be saved, instead of leaving them in pain, they perform euthanasias. Euthanasia is a quick and painless.

Finally, I learned many things such as the different factors that affect the job, then the schedules veterinarians have, and how they feel when they put down an animal. I did not know these things before I did research. Doing this research, convinced me that this is the perfect job for me. All the research I’ve gathered answered all my questions. I have no more questions.


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