Winter Break or Summer Break

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If you were a student in middle school then you probebly have witnessed one of the two major breaks, winter break and summer break. Both give the oportunity to have time away from school, but if you look at both very close, you can see multiple differences with summer being the best. Summer break is better than winter break because, the weather, length, and vacations.

One reason that winter break is superior would be that the weather is a lot more calm. If you think of a winter crisis, you would probably think of hail, heavy snow, and even many inches of snow. Usually when this happens, the power goes out and you are trapped inside your house. Though, when you think of a summer crisis, you would think of a 100 degree day. Just because it is sunny outside, that does not mean that you are trapped inside your house with the power out. It means that you should put on some sunscreen and prepare for a fun day at the beach.

The weather also affects who witnesses the break. In some states, winter as a whole is not witnessed. If you do not have winter, where is the winter break. Though most states will have summer, that leads to the experience of summer break. Almost all states have summer, except for Alaska, which is always cold. Going back to the fact that in Summer you will have temperatures that make it comfortable to wear clothes outside.

For example, in winter, if you are planning to go outside you will have to put on a jacket, boots, hat, and a gloves. Wearing all of those things outside is very uncomfortable when you are trying to do easy things like walk your dog, or practice sports. Though, during summer, all you have to wear are shorts and a t-shirt. It makes normal things ten times easier to do in summer.

Another reason that summer is better than winter is, the length. Summer break is approximately 3 months, while winter break is only 2 weeks. If you were trying to go on an enjoyable trip to somewhere warmer, you would only have 2 weeks to stay.

The length also helps kids who are working on big projects for school. If you are assigned a huge project to to over a break, 3 months would be more reasonable than 2 weeks. For example, most kids are assigned books that they have to read over a break. The length could help with how efficiently the kids read the books, and how many books, the kids read.

Also, over the time span of 2 weeks, you will be wanting to not go back because the break is so short. Though, during summer break, 3 months is the perfect amount of time that will make you want to go back to school for the experience.

Although some can argue that 3 months is too long, and makes people not want to go back. Others prove the point that you can always just invite friends over. Three months also provides more options for vacations that you will want to go on. For example, a resort. If you are trying to enjoy an expensive vacation, why have a limit on how long you are going to stay. Instead of limiting your time to two weeks, you can boost your time to two months!

The last reason summer break is better than winter break is the options for vacations. First of all, nobody wants to go to Florida when it is snowing. It would completely eliminate the idea of going there. For example, when you think of a vacation, do you think of a cold snowy day, where everything around you is frozen.

Or do you think of a warm sunny day at the beach. Unless you live in Antarctica, you would probably choose the warm sunny day, over the frozen cold day. Well in summer, most of the options for vacations would be to a warm sunny spot on a tropical island or a warm spot in Florida.

If you look closely at both of the aspects, they both have something very crucial in them. If you saw the warmth, then you are correct. The warmth plays a big role in most spots on earth. As I stated in the beginning, nobody wants to go to Florida when it is snowing. The length of summer break also affects the options for a vacation.

If you are planning on going to the Bahamas over a break, going in winter will give you 2 weeks, while going in summer will give you more than 2 months. The options are obvious, you would much more want to go on a vacation during summer break.

In conclusion, summer break is better for the reasons of, vacations, length, and weather.

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