No More Summer Vacation

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So, how about no more summer vacation? Some schools have switched to a year round schedule. There are also many more schools who are thinking about making the change. Summer vacation is a very important part of the year. School should not be year round.

There are many reasons why school should not be year round. The first reason is it costs more to run school buildings AC. Hanover Research states schools see a 39% increase in school expenses when changing to a year round calendar. It also reduces opportunities for extracurricular activities. School with year round schedules that have band and other extracurricular activities can run into problems scheduling practices and competitions which often take place in the summer months. Students can’t take on summer camps or temporary jobs. While summer jobs can offer valuable experiences, for some students and families, the money is essential for college and other expenses.

However, many people will argue that the year round schedule with smaller school breaks spread out is the better alternative. It will prevent summer learning loss. When schools close for long summer breaks students will see a decline in academic skill. There is also less time needed to re-teach skills after a long break. Teachers typically will spend the first month back going over what was previously taught before the break. In the year round schedule, students are provided more breaks that are evenly spread out. Which can give families more options for vacations.

Summer vacation is a much needed break for both teachers and student. After nine months of the stress and strain of a school year, students and teachers can get burned out. The upcoming summer provides a light at the end of the tunnel. The break provides a chance for everybody to recharge their batteries.

School should not be year round. Summer is an important time for families to take vacations. However, long breaks cause students to have learning declines and cause delays getting back up to speed on the return to school. Still, Summer vacation provides a much needed break to rest and rejuvenate after nine months of working hard. Summer vacation is still the best choice.

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