Problems and Causes of Air Pollution

Updated October 13, 2020

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Problems and Causes of Air Pollution essay

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Air pollution is the type of pollution that is a result of toxic, unhealthy and chemical emissions that are released into the earth’s atmosphere. Cars, factories and homes emissions are often the main cause of air pollution along side dust, pollen and even dispersed liquid aerosols. Air Pollution is one of the major priorities in our current day because of the severity of it and the problems it causes. Although we have treated our earth extremely badly and air pollution is an example of how we have treated out earth it is never too late to take a stand and help out because at the current rate we are going at, with rain forests burning down and the disgusting chemicals released in our earth’s atmosphere, the very air we breathe will become toxic and therefore we will basically wipe out our own population. Its effects can range from higher disease risks to rising temperatures, which may lead to global warming becoming even worse than its current state.


It found that air pollution led to one in 10 deaths in 2013, which cost the global economy about $225 billion in lost labour income. Tiny particles, known as PM2.5, have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers and can penetrate deep into the lungs and cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of disease. Air pollution is the reason why over 40 percent of the American population is at risk of premature death and diseases due solely to the fact of air pollution. More than nine out of 10 of the people on earth (92 percent) live in places where air pollution surpasses the safe limits. Air pollution is rated the 4th biggest threat to human health in the whole world. There were about 6.5 million deaths all around the world from air pollution-related diseases in 2012 ( almost 12 percent of the global deaths).

Main Causes of Air Pollution:

Factories and Industrial/Power pants all emit hug amounts of chemicals and toxic gases into the air that are extremely unhealthy for the environment.

Combustion from fossil fuels (Vehicles) like cars, trains, trucks, aeroplanes and buses are the number one reason for air pollution. The number are cars on the road are extremely high as the 1 in 20 people have a car in the whole world therefore the chemicals emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels that power the cars are extremely high.

Farming Chemicals and Household Products. Dusting of crops, painting supplies, home fumigation, household cleaning products, fertilizer powder, insect/pets sprays, hair sprays, and deodorant sprays release harmful chemicals into the air, causing pollution. High concentrations of these chemicals within a confined area can be hazardous and can cause serious health and breathing problems. Since they are regularly used products, they also qualify as major causes of air pollution as they release toxic particles and chemical gases into the atmosphere.

Natural causes like forest fires/wildfires and even the eruption of volcanoes can release huge amounts of smoke, dust and other toxic products and materials into the air, therefore they are also a huge contributor to air pollution. The Amazon RainForest burning is a great example of natural air pollution.

When people have barbecues or when trash is burned at dumpsters it produces a lot of smoke and chemical substances which also contribute to air pollution.

How Can We Take Action:

A great way is to use a carpool system where you are able to take a lift with a friend or someone or to ride a bicycle or walk if the destination is close or even just use public transport because all of the above reduce the amount of chemicals and fossil combustion released. Use renewable energy at work or home because therefore the production of fossil fuels will decrease and less toxic gases will be released. You can u roll-on deodorant instead of the spray because of the chloro-flouro-carbon released from the deodorant which is extremely bad for the atmosphere and global warming and buy products that are CFC free.

Problems Related to Air Pollution:

Air pollution is one of the main causes cancer, heart diseases, strokes and breathing problems around the world. Over 40 percent of the American population is at risk of premature death and diseases due solely to the fact of air pollution. Air pollution is also terrible for the health of animals because of the deadly chemicals and substances in the air and the fact that they are unable to do anything about it makes it even more deadly. The current path we are in within the next 50 years the world will end because of the terrible way we have treated it and because the air we breathe in will be so contaminated our bodies will not be able to function properly with it. Aggravated cardiovascular and respiratory illness. Added stress to heart and lungs, which must work harder to supply the body with oxygen. Damaged cells in the respiratory system and even babies being born deformed are all common examples of the terrible consequences of air pollution.

Impact on Different Countries and Globally:

Over 40 percent of the American population is at risk of premature death and diseases due solely to the fact of air pollution. Air pollution is the reason for an average of 20 000 deaths in South Africa yearly. Air pollution in India is so bad that 1.2 million deaths in the country last year can be related to air pollution. Air pollution is one of the main causes of cancer,heart related diseases and breathing problems worldwide because no matter where you are in the world our air is so badly polluted with chemicals and harmful substances that our atmosphere is breaking up and the air we breathe in is becoming more and more toxic. air pollution kills 5.5-million people each year. You can’t take air pollution back or hide from because everywhere in the world there is air and everywhere the air is contaminated. The only option is to take a stand and help out the best way possible.

Problems and Causes of Air Pollution essay

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