Who Is Isaac And Why Is His Name Known So Much?

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Isaac Newton, a child whose father died before he was even born, whose mother married another man when he was only three and left him, to start a new life. She had three kids with her new husband and left her first child in the hands of his grandmother who lived 7 miles from Isaac’s mother’s new home. He often threatened to burn down the fine house of his mother’s new family. You can’t hardly blame the guy, though. When the dude proposed to Isaac’s mother, Isaac wasn’t thrilled. But how did he become a man of great name and such success? A man whose name will be remembered centuries after, a man whose name will be recorded in history books and a man who made a difference.

Newton fell to earth on January 4, 1643, in Lincolnshire, England. Despite being born on January 4, he was supposedly also born on Christmas Day. I know, confusing right! At the time of his birth, the Gregorian calendar hadn’t embraced England yet. When the Gregorian calendar was finally embraced by England, January 4 was recognized as Isaac’s birthday. Newton’s mother said that he wasn’t expected to survive as a child. He was born as a premature. (Aww) His mother also said he could fit in a quart-sized cup upon birth. Despite all his birth facts what is the scariest and strangest of them all is, that the year Isaac was born was the year Galileo died. The fall of one genius, yet on the same year another was risen to life. (Cue in the Mozart music… da da da daaaaaa). After all the grief he went through as a young child, his mother finally returned, after her second husband died. It doesn’t take a genius to crack the code that Isaac and his three other step siblings didn’t quite get along since he threatened to burn down there house. So his mother sent him to boarding school. At school Newton didn’t play well with the others, so he often picked fights instead. When he wasn’t fighting he was copying books, word for word, in neat teensy, one thirteenth of an inch high handwriting. Who needs friends and family anyway? He learned to have his own good time.

When school ended for Newton at sixteen, he was wanted back home. Not because he was because he was missed, but because his mother wanted him to work on the family farm. Herding sheep. Managing the worker and keeping track of the charge for hay. If she’d known one ounce about her son is that on the list of things Newton shouldn’t do, on the top was run a farm, oh and definitely not manage people, we all know how Newton was in the field of people in general. So there was no tear shedding nine months later when Isaac left for Trinity College at Cambridge University, a place where he would know more than anyone there could ever teach him.

A couple of times in his college years Newton was unwillingly sent back to the farm. Up to thousand people per week were dropping dead like flies because of the plague, and Isaac’s college had shut down for a year. Exiled back to the farm Newton didn’t have any people to manage so he went about doing his own thing. He didn’t share anything with his family either, first, he dint like them and second, they couldn’t care less anyways. After the college reopened and he could finally return from the hell hole he called home, he showed his math professor that he hadn’t been goofing around like his fellow students while school was shut due to plague reasons. Instead, what newton had done without input from anyone was so revolutionary that he surpassed his professor by a hundred light years. Eventually, the professor handed newton the keys to his school, his professorship and his lab. Newton was twenty seven years old.

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