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Darwin on Trial

The book Darwin on Trial is written by Phillip E. Johnson. He is a law professor and he establishes himself as an anti-evolutionist. The book Darwin on trial is a book that tries to get evolution out of the equation and thus it is a prominent evangelistic book. Johnson makes his thesis very clear he…

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Tiktaalik Roseae in Taxonomy of Biological Organisms

At the time when Charles Darwin published his famous book, On the Origin of Species, in which evolution was intensively explored, there was no adequate tangible evidence to support his arguments. Charles hinted that fossil record could reveal species with intermediate or transitional features. He anticipated that lack of transitional fossil records could be the…


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Animal Testing vs Human Testing

In a letter published in The Time UK 1881, Charles Darwin stated, “I know that physiology cannot possibly progress except by means of experiments on living animals, and I feel the deepest conviction that he who retards the progress of physiology commits a crime against mankind.” (10). Rather evidently, the immense extent to which animal…

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned,

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