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Understanding of Gravity

All life needs gravity, or everything would die. Life would not exist without gravity since it holds down our atmosphere and the air we need to breathe. The sun’s gravity helps the Earth orbit the sun. All life on Earth needs the sun’s energy to keep everything at a perfect temperature, and gravity helps that…



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Who Is Isaac And Why Is His Name Known So Much?

Isaac Newton, a child whose father died before he was even born, whose mother married another man when he was only three and left him, to start a new life. She had three kids with her new husband and left her first child in the hands of his grandmother who lived 7 miles from Isaac’s…


Isaac Newton,



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Life and Ideas of Isaac Newton

Who is Isaac Newton? He is probably the most famous mathematician around the world. He is responsible for multiple inventions of formulas and math related ideas. He is mostly known for two ideas, gravity and calculus. Isaac was born on the twenty fifth of December in 1642. He was raised mostly by his grandparents, while…


Isaac Newton,


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