Action against Hunger Argumentative Essay

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We may have felt the feeling of hunger some time in our lives. But we have not felt it to a point of where we don’t know if we can even survive the day because of hunger. The definition of hunger in the dictionary is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat.

This organization Action against hunger is the best organization in helping hungry kids and families around the world. Many kids yearly die in 3rd world countries just because of not having clean water and even a little crumb of food. This is where Action against hunger comes in part. They are an organization who were founded in 1979 in France by Bernard Henri, Jacques Attali and Francoise. The main goal of this non profit organization is to help all the people around the world with no food in order to decrease and put a stop to death due to hunger, It now has 6000 volunteers all around the world staying at a specific country to help distribute food. They have over 40 years of experience and are taken part in 45 different countries all around the globe.

This organization Action against hunger is the best organization in helping hungry kids and families around the world. They use 100% of each donation and funds that they receive in order to send the money to buy food around the world and ship it to these 45 plus countries. When the food and shelter arrives in a country like for example Uganda they open up a huge event and booth for all these people. They then open up and lines of people with their kids come to get food. This includes things such as beans, oil, rice, canned goods, and pure filtered water, This portion will last them a whole month until these people receive more funds to distribute more food. They rely heavily on money and funds of the people and their fundraisers to help out the people of Uganda and other poor people in many different countries.

Action against hunger is the best non profit organization in helping kids in Uganda. This is all backed up by all the statistics by the Action against hunger. All their hard work and data that they collected has brought me to this claim of Action against hunger is the best hunger organization. You can not get better than improving life and decreasing death rates in more than 45 countries around the globe. That is why I take my claim that Action against hunger is the best organization.

There are three main reasons why I agree with this claim. These 3 reasons are because I believe that Action against hunger is the best organization in helping countries like Uganda because they are very beneficial and their are stats to prove that. My first main reason why Action against hunger is really the best organization is because they are a non profit organization and spend every penny of their funds on helping out the people in like for example Uganda.

Not one penny goes to there pockets and therefore that is why they are growing. My second main reason why Action against hunger is a good organization for Uganda is because they are very reliable and have professional experience. They have board members who apply for this job and they aren’t normal people. These help push and keep this organization to keep it moving on. My last reasoning is that this organization has been awarded with the nobel prize award for best hunger and organization in general. Ranking at the best organization also helps it reach their fund goals.

The first main reason is that Action against hunger is a nonprofit organization. This is truly heartwarming to know that they actually are really dedicated in what they do in helping kids in for example Uganda. Every single piece of funds that are given to this organization is a blessing for them and they do not take it for granted. So this main reason is really supportive in showing how they are the best Organization for 3rd world countries for example the poor Ugandan people. And obviously they do not waste anytime with holding the money. Its strict charity work and it is done quickly and effectively in order to feed the hungry people dying in Uganda.

On there website they are officially written as a non profit organization. This is also proven by the organization of world charity events. This in itself is very beneficial because it shows trustworthiness and authentication. The evidence of this is another key point in which they are actually a good organization. The fact that Action Against hunger provides with the evidence shows why they are the best of the best. People know that they can trust these unselfish people because they are really trustworthy. The people who donate can see the evidence and the paperwork that there money is 100% used for the food and resources for the people of the Uganda.

The second reason that Action against hunger is the best organization for helping kids in Uganda is that they have a good group of members. They have over 40 members. These members play a key role in this because they all are professionals and had to apply for the job even though there is barely any pay. But still these people are professionally taught and are given the job. They go places like Uganda for this job. Whenever they are needed they have to go and support. They have camps in Uganda and in other countries to communicate. This is the why this reason is really important for Action against hunger is the best organization for people in Uganda. There is evidence that does go along with this reasoning.

The evidence that goes with the claim that they have good trustworthy members helps with showing why this is the best organization for places like Uganda. In their board membership they have people like Director of Technical Expertise and Research, Director of Operations,Chief Financial Officer, Regional Director East Africa, TAP Advisors LLC,The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), Google | Zagat and many more. All of these people are a key role in the parts of the organization.

They are all listed on their website and their background information. Each of them graduates from a good school and the part that they partake in. All of these when seen by an outside source interested in learning more about how they could take part in helping the Ugandan people will be really happy that this a good organization that has proper experience for their field of play.

The 3rd and final reason why Action against hunger is the best organization for third world countries like Uganda is that they have been nominated and are the first group to win a major award for charity work. This is really crazy because this award sets their organization and works apart from the others. This shows skill and profession. This award is based off of statistics and that it’s. Without statistics, that all the things that they claim they do is true they wouldn’t be the best and most trustworthy organization.

Therefore this award is very crazy and is really important because on this day they also raised more money from the tickets of the awards night to send to other countries and send to the organization. They could have easily used that money to give to the speakers but no since they are non profit they are obligated to send it to people more in need. The evidence for the third main reason why Action against hunger is really the best organization for world hunger is because of the GALA event.

It said that on October 30, 2018, Action Against Hunger hosted its 19th Annual Gala Against Hunger at 583 Park Avenue in New York City. The organization presented its Humanitarian Award to author Chimamanda Adichie, its Corporate Award to longtime partner This Bar Saves Lives, and its first-ever Youth Award to 13-year-old Fox Kloske. An estimated 350 people came together to celebrate Action Against Hunger’s lifesaving work to prevent and treat life-threatening malnutrition around the world. 2018 Gala Co-Chairs were Kara Young and Sandra Tamer, and presenters included Action Against Hunger’s Board Chairman Raymond Debbane and CEO Andrea Tamburini.

Guests were entertained by a trivia game, and motivated by Action Against Hunger’s ambitious, but achievable goal: to double, by 2020, the number of children treated for malnutrition and to help make sure countless families realize their goal of never needing hunger treatment at all. This all helps support the claim of how Action against hunger is the best organization for hunger treatment.

The counter argument the comes up a lot on this organization is that with them trying to help with 40 plus countries that people are afraid that their donations aren’t affected everyone because they might just not have enough time to reach certain countries. This is basically questioning the speed of how they move to different countries and how they have to set up camp super quickly and that some places might not receive funds in time of their needs. Another question that is brought up by the doubters is that with all the members they fear that they all will be focused on one issue in a country and forget a place like Uganda. But the organization has answers for those counter arguments.

First and foremost Action against hunger is a really big organization and they are very professional and time strict on what they do and how they do it. That being said the counter argument that is very common is absolutely wrong. Even though they help with 40 plus countries they have a strict charity time and camps for the people for example the Ugandans.

These camps and calendars make sure that when the donations are received they are shared evenly between all the camps and countries. This is an 100% fact and the evidence is in all of the paperworks for the donations. Each country will be reached and has been for the past 40 years. The next one is that what if the funds are not ready for the time of the camps. When that happens Action against hunger is ready for a backup plan for example their back up money in case of emergency. But that is in worst case scenario.

So in conclusion Action Against hunger is the best hunger management organization. The fact that they are legible and non profit, the amount of professional board members, and their awards for all their years of hard work. So overall that is why they are best organization for hunger management. Action against hunger is the way to donate to help the kids and families of the people of Uganda. Let us stop these people from dying from hunger each day. Together we can take Action against hunger.


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How can we stop the solution of hunger?
There are many ways to stop the solution of hunger. One way is to provide food for those in need. Another way is to help people grow their own food.
How did Action Against Hunger start?
In 1976, a group of French doctors and journalists witnessed the devastation caused by a famine in Sudan and decided to do something about it. They founded Action Against Hunger to provide emergency aid and long-term solutions to end hunger and malnutrition.
What countries do Action Against Hunger Help?
Action Against Hunger helps countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Europe.
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