What is Bettrer – Taking Risk or Planning Carefully

Updated April 26, 2022

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What is Bettrer – Taking Risk or Planning Carefully essay

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Every individual wants to be succesful and everyone has their own way to succeed in life. That’s why one of the most controversial issues is whether taking risk or planning carefully is more important. Some believe that taking risks is a ‘must’ to be succesful. However, in my point of view carefull planning is more important than taking risks in leading one to success for two reasons. First of all, once a person plan his day, his career, his trip or so for and so forth, he can now see what he will do next. In this way, one can focus on her job, when and how to finish her works. Planning the day and making to do list is a ‘must’ for a person to be effective within a time period. In this way, a person can respect all the deadlines in her programme.

One should notice that not respecting the deadlines, being careless and not being punctual can make that person more unreliable and it might negatively effect one’s social and professional life. At the same time, by planning her time, an individual can actually have more free times than she ever had since now she is more effective. Secondly, by planning one’s life carefully, step by step, a person can actually gain a real skill, forward thinking. In this way, one can see the connection between different cases. In reality, this is like looking to the forest instead of the tree. In another saying, in a broader perspective. When an individual makes a carefull plan, he doesn’t only seeing a single occurance but seeing the past and future of that occurance and the connection between them. In this way, one can enhance his estimation skills. Some of the proponent of the idea that taking risks is more significant in leading one to success suggest that return is in positive correlation with risk. Thus more risk leads to higher return as it is with finance.

However, one should know that risk and return are not always in positive correlation in finance and investors should make an optimal portfolio by adding risky and riskless assets to that portfolio. So, even when people take risks in finance, actually they plan carefully which risks they will take. Therefore, even taking risks contain carefull planning, as it is in finance. To sum up, in order to be succesful, people must plan carefully what they will do next, both short and long run plans are necessary to reach one’s goal. By planning, one can focus on his job and what he’ll do next. He can prepare himself to the bad and solve his problems more rapidly. One should never forget that even the most risky choices contain carefull planning.

What is Bettrer – Taking Risk or Planning Carefully essay

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