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Risk is Good Essay

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Risk is Good Essay essay
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As people trying to live a happy life we can agree that the idea of being able to take risks is a good thing. Taking a risk can give us many good circumstances like being able to stand out and to show others that you’re a leader and not a follower. We can learn from risks and those lessons can guide us to new paths that can be important for our lives. One risk or more can provide us opportunities to have internal growth. When taking a risk one should always first consider whether the risk is worthwhile. Without taking risks there are no rewards. By getting that reward is by risk taking and when you are taking that route of taking a risk make sure to evaluate your choice making, you won’t be able to achieve your goal or dream by not playing it safely. Risk is necessary for our growth and achieving success, if you’re not growing then you’re just dying but remember that risk still needs to be calculated and carefully evaluated.

As for me, one of the risks I took was taking a gap year after high school since I was one of those kids who wanted to start school right away and I was devastated at this time. I did want to major in social work. By taking that risk I did have fear of not wanting to go back to school after that break. But after a year went by I had changed my mind on the major I wanted to study for by changing it to a major of nursing. This risk was a good outcome for me. It let me have the time and successfully be confident to choose my new career path.

Also, like the 16th President of the United States Abraham Lincoln he who had lost eight elections and failed twice in business all before even becoming one the greatest American presidents (How Taking Risks Can Lead You to a Better Life, 2020). Through his experience of failure at risk, he eventually developed determination to later lead his country through one of it’s hardest periods of time in history. Maybe he never could have done so much without experiencing so many failures himself. Well what can this tell us? That taking risks doesn’t mean you will always make the grade in life, and that’s totally ok! The process of taking risks can lead us to failure, but those risks can only make us a better person by recovering quickly from difficulties of risk.

But risk taking can be bad. One reason I say this is because one should always know if the risk is bad from themselves. Risk taking can be bad because you have a 50% chance of it being good, or maybe even less. If you take a risk you might have something bad happen to your lifestyle, or the result of which something can happen unexpectedly. But to continue, taking risks can be fun or it can be a new different approach to something to get out of a comfort zone. Also, it does depend on the situation you are in. If you do take a risk, don’t always expect the outcome of it to be perfect; it can always have its downfall. There are always mistakes that may occur along the way, and that is okay it’s normal to happen. Like in this article it says that our greatest lessons come from our faults and by accepting that fault we are sharpened in a way that surpasses our initial expectancies by making us stronger and willing to do better next time (Why Being A Risk Taker Isn’t Always A Bad Thing, 2019).

Although I do agree that some people may not be able to learn or gain knowledge from a risk they have decided to take upon themselves because they tend to lack critical thinking for themselves, for a certain time. At a certain time of their life they will notice what different method they should’ve taken. Which leads to having them to take the time and think. That time will have us think about if they should take the risk or not. Being able to do that will help you decide whether a risk will be good or bad for you. Even if that risk turns into a failure it might turn us to better people, but it doesn’t make it any less difficult to take risks but can help us gain more confidence. It does turn out that this may help by building confidence like I said it can help us overcome risk-taking. Does this tell us about why we fear being able to take risks when we can? It tells us that when we have a feeling of being shy or afraid of something, we can decide whether to take action to be able to build more confidence. Instead of accepting being a shy person, have the courage to overcome many fears by taking risks and help yourself from not isolating yourself from taking chances or risks.

It only takes one risk changing your occasion in certain time periods of your life that you are currently experiencing to change the way you think. Consider taking risks because it can be a good thing. Although one can have a bad outcome by a risk it can help you grow as a person. Life is short and yet many of us spend time on what we should’ve had done differently with our lives. Take a risk we never know what exactly can take place unless we take that chance to go through it. Now visualize what risk you can take that can create a whole new set of opportunities for the future that can lead to success. Those opportunities can help you open new doors for yourself that you haven’t even considered having. When taking a risk, know what can go right and wrong, even if you fall flat on your face for a risk you decided to take, that failure can become a good thing. You can gather valuable insights and experience from failure. Being able to try something new will change how you approach situations that you will have in the future. It’s possible that you can have fear if you fail a risk you may feel like a failure, but in fact taking risks will help you learn to overcome fears. But sooner or later you will likely realize you tend to care less about what people think about you on a decision you decided to make, being rejected, feeling down about life on what you should have done differently and what could go wrong, which can help you have a powerful shift in thinking. So what’s beautiful? Well taking risks can be beautiful whether it was the right or wrong move because in the end it still becomes a good thing. Take a moment to breathe and just take a risk when you can! Society needs to become more open-minded about taking risks. It should no longer be frowned as something hazardous, but as something worthy. Risks can offer people a new perspective in life by open doors of opportunity that may not necessarily be available from one’s comfort zone. Therefore, if one would ask me if I would take a risk, my response would be: Yes, a risk can give me many opportunities to gain life experience and knowledge regardless of the outcome so you should consider taking one too. Risk equals new moments, change, happiness, growth, challenge, success, rewards and confidence which leads it to being good.

Risk is Good Essay essay

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