Success During the Risk Taking

Updated April 26, 2022

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Success During the Risk Taking essay

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Being successful is the most important thing for people in their life, work or school. We,people, all aim to achieve this principle but the way that take us to success is very challenging. During this process we have to make decisions by taking risks or by planning carefully but which method benefits us more than other one is controversial. Plans generally give us what we want becuase we made these plans by reducing risks to achieve our goal. We look for negative sides and positive sides of plans and we choose the less risky option to be successful. So generally our plans suit up with our thoughts and we became succesful.For example; in your job your boss give you a work to finish in time.

If you plan every thing very well then there will be no problem because you made whatever you could do. However, being planned in your life does not let you to have glory or great success, it just let you to average success in your life because you will be stucked into your plans during the process of your life or job. On the other hand, taking risks reduces the chance or rate of success because before you take risk you accept the being unsuccessful and face with this reality. By taking risks you can win or you can lose. We generally take risks if we dont have enough time to do something or we want to have great success after this work.

Lack of time is not necessary to be mentioned but great success is very important principle. Most of people want to be unique in the life and they take risks. Some of them achieve and some of them fails, as a result we don’t know the failers but we know the successful ones. So we can say that taking risk is very risky but in the end it can make you different and remarkable than other people. To compare these two methods, planning carefully has more possibilty to be successful than taking risks but it generally does not lead you to great success. Beside this, taking risks has less probability to be successful but if you became successful by taking risks than it makes you remarkable in the life. For example; mountain climbers take risks to climb and if they achive the we can read their name in magazines or televisions so we can say that being planned can be barrier for more potential people which can be unique by having risks. As conclusion, two methods for being successful have advantages and disadvantages. They can help you to be successful but sometimes they can hinder you but if you want to be a avarage successful people never give planining carefully but if you want to leave mark in history ,then never mind the costs just take the risks.

Success During the Risk Taking essay

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