What is Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence showcased by machines.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the offshoot of computer sciences that focus attention on the development of intelligent machines, thinking, working, and operating like humans.

AI empowers machines to think about, respond to, and perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as:

  • Speech recognition,
  • visual perception,
  • problem-solving,
  • decision-making,
  • learning and planning and
  • languages translation
  • Al assists machines to learn from experience and adapt to new input.

Most business executives say voice recognition is the most-widely used AI technology in their business today.

Artificial Intelligence is a very popular branch of knowledge that is widely discussed in business and technology circles.

Many Industry experts and analysts proclaim that AI or machine learning is our future – but if we look around, we are convinced that it’s not the future – it is the present.

Because of technological advancement, we are already connected to artificial intelligence in one way or the other – whether it is Siri, Watson or Alexa. Yes, More and more companies are investing resources in AI, indicating a robust growth in Artificial intelligence products and apps in the near future.

Businesses that use machine learning, AI, and related technology to reveal new insights “will steal $1.2 trillion per annum from their less-informed peers by 2020” predicts Forrester Research.

Although Artificial Intelligence has been in inception since the 1950s, it is only recently that the technology has begun to find real-world applications (such as Apple’s Siri).
The investment in AI by both tech giants as well as start-up businesses has increased 3 folds to $40 Billion as of 2017.

It is inadequate to think, artificial intelligence is limited to just IT or technology industry; instead, it is being extensively used in other areas such as business, education, law, medical, and manufacturing.


  •  Siri

Siri is one of Apple’s most popular personal assistants on iPhone and iPad. The friendly female voice-activated assistant on a daily routine interacts with the user. She assists us in finding information, getting directions, sending messages, making voice calls, opening apps and adding events to the calendar.

Siri uses machine-learning technology in order to get intelligent and capable-to-understand natural language questions, requests data. It is surely one of the most iconic examples of machine learning in digital technology.

  •  Tesla

The application of Artificial Intelligence is not districted only to smartphones but automobiles are also shifting towards this.

If you are a car geek, you are missing Tesla. Tesla is one of the best automobiles available until now. The car has achieved many accolades, has features like self-driving, predictive capabilities, and absolute technological innovation.

Tesla is getting smarter day by day through updates.

  • Netflix

Netflix does not need an introduction – it is a popular content-on-demand service that uses predictive technology to provide recommendations based on consumer reaction, choices, interests, and behavior. The technology examines movies and recommend to you based on your previous liking and reactions.
The only drawback of this technology is that small movie go unnoticed while big films grow and propagate on the platform. But, it is still improving and learning to be more intelligent.

  • Pandora

Pandora is one of the most popular and highly demanded tech solutions that exist. It is also called the DNA of music. Depending on 400 musical characteristics, the team of expert musicians individually analyzes the song. The system is also good at recommending the track record for recommending songs that would never get noticed, despite people’s liking.

  • Nest (Google)

The nest was one of the most famous and successful artificial intelligence startups and it was acquired by Google in 2014 for $3.2 billion. The Nest Learning Thermostat uses behavioral algorithms to save energy based on your behavior and schedule.

It employs a very intelligent machine learning process that learns the temperature you like and programs itself in about a week. Moreover, it will automatically turn off to save energy, if nobody is at home.

In fact, it is a combination of both – artificial intelligence as well as Bluetooth low-energy because some components of this solution will use BLE services and solutions.

  • Boxever

Boxever is a company that heavily relies on machine learning to enhance the customer experience in the travel industry and conveys micro-moments or experiences that can please the customers.

Boxover significantly improves customer engagement through machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to rule the playing field, helping customers to find new ways and make memorable journeys.

  • Flying Drones

The flying drones are already shipping products to customer’s home – though on a test mode. They indicate a powerful machine learning system that can translate the environment into a 3D model through sensors and video cameras.

The sensors and cameras are able to notice the position of the drones in the room by attaching them to the ceiling. Trajectory generation algorithm guides the drone on how and where to move. Using a Wi-Fi system, you can control the drones and use them for specific purposes – product delivery, video-making, or news reporting.

  • Echo

Echo was launched by Amazon, which is getting smarter and adding new features. It is a revolutionary product that can help you to search the web for information, schedule appointments, shop, control lights, switches, thermostats, answers questions, reads audiobooks, reports traffic and weather, gives info on local businesses, provides sports scores and schedules, and more using the Alexa Voice Service.

Recent advances in AI have been helped by three factors:

  1. Access to large data generated from e-commerce, businesses, governments, science, wearables, and social media.
  2. Advancement in machine learning (ML) algorithms—due to increased availability of large amounts of data.
  3. Big computing power and the increase of cloud-based services—helping to run technologically advanced machine learning algorithms.

What is Artificial Intelligence? essay

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