What are My Strengths

Updated April 25, 2022

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What are My Strengths essay

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A SWOT analysis is a device that is used to recognize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for self-development purposes (Pestle Analysis, 2015). The SWOT analysis I composed for myself identified areas of strength and weaknesses that must be addressed to run a consulting business. The highlighted strengths that I possess are the ability to motivate and lead others. I do my best in motivating others in becoming their best. My work ethic is superb, I am committed as well as loyal. This can be a weakness as well because I hardly ever say no (too committed). Furthermore, I work well in a team environment. Communication is an asset that I possess, but there is room for improvement. For example, I need to work on communicating orally.

Although I possess several strengths, I also have some weaknesses that can hinder my personal growth in the consulting industry. The weaknesses that must be alleviated are interpersonal skills (public speaking). Since I am a dedicated individual, I sometimes expect others to do the same. I must work on not expecting too much from employees and my peers. Additionally, I must learn to not overwork myself. There are times where I work about seventy hours a week. These excessive number of hours are not good because I have kids that need my help. Finding a balance with work and home is healthy for the business because it will safeguard the quality of performance, in my opinion.

To overcome the drawbacks, I will lessen my workload to improve my performance. Additionally, I will delegate more responsibilities to others, so I am not the only one carrying an excessive workload. To assist in enhancing my interpersonal skills (public speaking), I must volunteer for more speaking opportunities. There are workshops that I can attend to help build my confidence in public speaking and presentation capabilities.

I admit I have some work to do in personal development. I admire those who are comfortable speaking in front of groups. Lacking the confidence to speak publicly has haunted me for a long time. I am convinced it has hindered me in my career, not getting jobs applied for. I am willing to take the steps to enhance my skills to become a better me.


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What are My Strengths essay

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