Walt Disney Company

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Walt Disney Co. Beginnings

Anyone who is familiar with popular culture, has heard the name Disney. The Walt Disney Co. has been known for more than 90 years. This is the result of their exceptional services, for example their resorts, hotels, and merchandise. This unprecedented success has led them to become one of the biggest and most loved companies of the 21st century, averaging 5 billion in revenue yearly. Though this is a monstrous organization, it has humbling beginnings when Walt and his brother Roy Disney started the Disney Co. on October 16th, 1923 after Walt ran into failure with a previous Company called “Laugh-O-gram Films” in Kansas City (Disney’s Generic Competitive Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies).

Disney’s Business Strategy

Disney has accomplished something few other businesses can do; they have made a lifestyle out of their brand. This Disney lifestyle has propelled them to the next level of sustainability. It’s virtually impossible to go throughout the day without seeing something the Disney Co. has help create. One of the main contributors to this culture is there ultra-realistic theme parks. Tens of millions of guests visit Disney parks every year, buying food and merchandise. With the expansion of the “Disney Park” franchise in the past 20 years, one can now find a Disney park on any major continent. Currently 2 in The United States, 3 in Asia and 1 in Europe. Even with impressive numbers It has always been the number two reason of revenue the company has.

Other Product Development

Besides them parks, movie marketing/ branding development is the number one reason for Disney’s success. The movie business has been the bread winner since the release of the original “Snow White”. This has not changed at all with their recent acquires of Lucas Film studios, Fox, and Marvel studios. Last year 2019 Disney made an estimated 6.4 Billion in box office sales. This is splendid news for poetical investors and longtime stockholders. With the anticipated increase in sales from the “Disney parks” franchise, and the ever-increasing control at the box office, Disney’s goal is to soot for the moon with expectations of creating new highs in the coming months and years.

Market Penetration

Now that Disney has developed a realistic lifestyle in North America and has the capability to take advantage of the increasing demand of better-quality. With this leverage Disney Co. is able to flood emerging markets like India, South Pacific, and Asia. Their goal is to be the main family brand of India (strategy behind Disney’s lasting success). With Disney trying to invest in international entities’ it’s no surprise that they are currently invested in several international parks around the world. And tailoring some attractions to fit with different demographics.

Market Development

Continuing with focusing on demographics, Disney’s market development addresses the melting pot of competition in foreign markets. They do this by introducing existing products (movies) tailored to the population and making said products at a substantially lower production cost. With Disney’s low-cost approach in international markets they are capitalizing on the ever-growing demands for better-quality in emerging markets, Disney entertainment that gets produced in a way appealing to emerging demographics finds better success in places like China and India.

Looking towards a Prosperous Future

Since his death on December 15,1965, Disney’s legacy still making millions of fans happy through cinematography, theater and “Disney parks”. One of Walt’s best-known mottos was “We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious. We’re always exploring and experimenting. We call it Imagineering — the blending of creative imagination with technical know-how” (Walt Disney). This “Imagineering” has led to happiness for not just little one, but to a variety of people.

Roy (Walt’s Brother) testified of his brothers’ profound genius by saying “If Walt had one great gift, it was that he kept his head down and kept trying’. ‘Over the years, he was told that his ideas were impractical, impossible and would never work…. Walt proved the only way to get things done is by sticking to your ideas and your beliefs. Above all, Walt was one of the great storytellers ever to walk on the face of the earth, He could get his people, his staff, so excited with his pure ability to tell stories about upcoming projects, like his movies or theme parks” (“How to Be Like Walt,” by Pat Williams with Jim Denney). With this original ability to encourage staff is a part of the reason Disney is still effective till this day. I’m a firm believer if Mr. Disney was still alive that he would be proud of “Walt Disney Co.” accomplishments.


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