Volcanism: The Turrialba Volcano

Updated November 19, 2021

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Volcanism: The Turrialba Volcano essay

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Volcanoes have devastated agriculture and wildlife as well. A small town in Costa Rica, Turrialba, is known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife. Especially the stratovolcano Turrialba Volcano which is located just 15km out of town. The Turrialba Volcano is a major attraction and apart of the National Park which is supposedly safe to climb. However, the volcano has been active since 2005 with increasing gases and seismic activity. In 2010, the gas levels reached an all time high leading to an eruption in January.

The volcano had a phreatic explosion which means no lava actually erupted out of the volcano; it was primarily a steam blast. This results from extreme temperatures heating the magma underneath causing steam, water, ash, and rock to rise and explode. The wind in Costa Rica caused the gas to travel in town killing vegetation and agriculture crops. Turrialba’s primary food resource is the local’s plantations, dairy farms, and potato fields. Not only was the vegetation and wildlife killed the explosion also destroyed the vitamins and nutrients within the soil making it difficult to grow more crops in the future.

Fortunately, Reagan et al. (2006) are trying to investigate future ways to predict how to monitor water and gas of the area to ensure that this event doesn’t cause this much damage again. The researchers are also developing strategies to preserve the biological health of the areas of land.

Many natural disasters have occurred over the years. Some natural disasters have been more damaging than others and some have caused permanent damage. Demonstrated above, volcanoes have damaged the populations. The Turrialba Volcano has stripped the soil of essential nutrients of the affected areas nearby. Unfortunately, wildlife is affected when natural disasters occur whether it is: plantation, animals, or nonliving nutrients. Researchers, fortunately, have begun conducting studies to help predict and prepare people for natural disasters to help prevent long-lasting or permanent damage.

Volcanism: The Turrialba Volcano essay

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