Volcanoes are Dangerous

Updated September 10, 2022

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Volcanoes are Dangerous essay

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What is the deadliest natural disaster? A tsunami, a hurricane, an earthquake? Well studies have shown it’s actually drought, and flood. However if you look at it like this it might be a volcano. Although floods take more lives, a volcano is a lot quicker. A volcano hits like a nuke. Exploding, killing people, oozing out lava, killing people, ash cloud, killing even more. A volcano makes damage by falling boulders. Why is that so dangerous? Well it’s so dangerous because a bolder (unlike water) is very hard to move. One of the most dangerous volcanoes of all time is Mount Vesuvius. This volcano in Italy caused thousands of death in it’s most famous eruption, known as the destruction of Pompeii. This eruption was extremely dangerous and left the city of Pompeii under a meter of ash. Read this paper to learn all about volcanoes, and Mount Vesuvius.

Mount Vesuvius is a volcano located in Italy. Though the volcano is most commonly known as the volcano that caused the destruction of Pompeii,that was not the only time it erupted. Vesuvius buried the city in rubble and ash. As much as one meter of ash buried the city. Lava did not make it to the city though. Most people died from suffocation or fallen buildings and rocks and boulders falling from the top of the volcano. People fled the city and many never returned but for those who did they came back to see a destroyed ruined city. The volcanic eruption had made the city practically impossible for humans to live there. More than 2,000 people had died in the natural disaster. The destruction of Pompeii will forever be known as one of the most destructive events in human history. And Mount Vesuvius will be one of the most destructive natural disasters ever!

How do volcanoes erupt? What is a volcano? Where can you find volcanoes? What are some different volcanoes? All these questions will be answered in Volcanoes! By Luke Danuser. What is a volcano? Well a volcano is basically a big hole in the earth that sometimes spews out lava. Fortunately there is also a more scientific term which is a mountain that is connected to the earth’s core, and when pressure builds up it explodes. How do volcanoes erupt? Well this one is easy. When pressure builds up underground it explodes. It’s like when you put mentos in diet coke, but keep the lid on.

The gas builds up then BOOM! It blows up bigger than if you just let it come out. The earth is keeping the lava down, and preventing it from coming out, but when enough gas builds up it explodes. Volcanoes aren’t just on land they are also in the ocean. While volcanoes on land ooze out molten lava and shoot out ash clouds, underwater volcanoes shoot up big jets of air. Some of the most famous volcanoes include Italy’s Mount Vesuvius, Washington’s Mount Saint Helens, and Yellowstone National park’s Supervolcano. Some volcanoes are small like Mount Taal. Others are huge like Mauna Loa. Some are even no longer active. When a volcano is no longer active they’re called extinct. Other volcanoes Are quiet for decades and then they completely erupt.

Others erupt like crazy and the are quiet for centuries only blowing little puffs of smoke. Others steal continuously go off sometimes completely erupting , and other times barley giving off a wisp of ash. All volcanoes are different. They all are unique and interesting. So from the top of the huge Mauna Loa to the base of little Mount Taal a volcanoes still a volcano.

Volcanoes can be very dangerous in many ways. First they can release volcanic gas which can be very dangerous. Also volcanoes are some of the most destructive natural disasters on earth. They are also dangerous because they can have lava/magma flows that could be very dangerous. They can cause collapses and avalanches which can be dangerous if you are near them. Redoubt Volcano is one of the most dangerous volcano in the U.S.A it cost nearly 160 million dollars in damage. Other volcanoes like Mount Vesuvius, and Mount Saint Helens have taken thousands of lives and millions of dollars in damage. One volcano even changed the world’s climate. Volcanoes are dangerous, so if you live near one, and there is a warning, your only hope is to get out of there. Other than that your only hope is to run away from a volcano.

Volcanoes are dangerous. That is obvious. A volcano is very deadly, but is also very unique. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius that happened 2000 years ago is steal quite well known. I hope you enjoyed the paper, but remember volcanoes are not a thing to play with. WARNING: If a volcano is going off near you run very far away. Volcanoes are deadly, interesting, and a force of nature. There is no way to stop nature, it is a driving force of wonder. So from the top of Mauna Loa to the bottom of Mount Taal a volcano is steal a volcano.

Volcanoes are Dangerous essay

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Are volcanoes helpful or harmful?
Over geologic time, volcanic eruptions and related processes have directly and indirectly benefited mankind : Volcanic materials ultimately break down and weather to form some of the most fertile soils on Earth, cultivation of which has produced abundant food and fostered civilizations.
What are 5 dangers of volcanoes?
What are the hazards from volcanoes? Lava. Lava (molten rock) can erupt as fire fountains or lava flows (when it is runny) or as steep-sided domes (when it is viscous). Pyroclastic flows. Phreatic explosions. Lahars. Jökulhlaups. Landslides. Volcanic earthquakes. Tsunamis.
What volcanoes is most dangerous?
The World's Most Dangerous Volcanoes Mount St. Helens, Washington. Mount Kilauea, Hawaii. The world's most active volcanic mass, Kilauea is home to many frequent eruptions. Mayon Volcano, The Philippines. Redoubt Volcano, Alaska. Mount Pinatubo, The Philippines. Mount Agung, Bali. Mount Fuji, Japan. Popocatépetl, Mexico.
Why are volcanoes the most dangerous?
Despite the wonder and awe they inspire, volcanoes can threaten nearby communities. They can send boiling clouds of volcanic ash, called pyroclastic flows, down their flanks, generate tsunamis, and unleash powerful mudflows made from ash and melted glacial ice .
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