Violence in Schools and the Ways to Minimize it

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Violence has a broad concept. It calls for every harm to a person, whether it is moral, verbal or physical. Violence has become widespread in schools and the school is considered the second home for students. The student spends at least eight hours a day and is of great importance in the formation and education of community members

Types of Violence in schools in Saudi Arabia

Violence has many types, including verbal violence. This violence is the use of language full of immoral reasons, due to poor educational role and loss of social insight.

Non-verbal violence is mocking others, mocking them, discriminating, or making inappropriate movements. It may be in the form of violent groups that use the method of intimidation, and ridicule the student in front of his companions. This form may come violence from family members, by mocking his weakness Academic, comparing it with his peers, and notifying him of permanent failure.

Incarnate Violence This violence consists in writing and drawing on the walls of the school, toilets, books, and messages addressed to foes from fellow students and teachers, including threats, defamation, and incitement against specific students and professors.

Organized violence in the form of organized gangs led by an aggressive student, and the mission of this gang is to intimidate and threaten students and force them to pay money, dispense with their precious clothes, phones, watches, and others.

These are the types of violence that occur in schools in Saudi Arabia.

How can we deal with violence in schools?

Some of the suggestions that we consider able to address this phenomenon based on field studies and the opinions of specialists, we mention the following:

  • Spreading the culture of tolerance, rejecting violence and spreading the culture of listening and communication among students among themselves and between teachers and students and raising children from a young age.
  • Organize meetings with parents to clarify methods of dialogue and give the child a space to express his opinion and listen to him.
  • Restructuring cultural and sports activities and adopting the drive to discover and encourage talent.
  • Establishing a culture of success in life.
  • Education on communication arts.

Role of Teachers in Reducing Violence

The teacher’s role in reducing this phenomenon is very large because the teacher represents a good example for students in his interactions with others and his interest in disciplining students through:

  • Good listening and listening to student problems.
  • Understand the characteristics of student growth and needs, the variables that affect their behavior, and the appropriate way to modify their behavior.
  • Avoid emotion and violence as a way to control behavior.
  • Effective participation in educational programs aimed at achieving discipline.
  • Tackling wrong behavior and not neglecting it.
  • Achieving justice and equality in dealing with students.

Role of Parents in Reducing Violence

Parents can reduce school violence by following a set of simple guidelines that have a positive effect in reducing school violence, as follows:

  • Parents’ accompaniment to their children has a clear effect on reducing the phenomenon of school violence, and this phenomenon gradually ends
  • Parents must identify the individual differences of their children and treat them correctly
  • Parents should study modern methods of education and effective strategies to implement them to address school violence

Measures Taken by the Government

The following are the measures the government has taken to reduce violence in Riyadh schools:

  • Create statistics by filling students with data about their exposure to violence to monitor the scale of the problem objectively, with questions about details and circumstances of violence.
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Always changes what the son brings to ridicule as his embarrassing name and his family name, and obesity brings irony, so he must be encouraged to follow a diet.
  • Banner in schools with special laws and penalties violently.
  • Banner in schools containing a number of reports of violence and harassment ‘999, 911 and 996’, and the child support line ‘116111’, which can be reported through police stations and the application of ‘We are all safe.’
  • Students refrain from informing parents because they usually reprimand the son for not defending himself, so parents must be educated about the correct way to deal with their children who are victims of violence or who have committed violence.

How do they use social media to reduce violence?

  • Publishing awareness videos
  • Communication between the school and the parents of the students.

In conclusion, we say that parents and all those who are interested in the phenomenon of school violence must intensify their efforts and unity to confront this phenomenon that wants to devour our children: the phenomenon of school violence, and we must also be well aware that the responsibility rests with all of us, not on one side in itself, and knowing that This leads us to cooperate to reduce and eliminate school violence in all its forms.


Attention to creating a school environment that encourages discipline and seeks to achieve it by respecting students and avoiding profanity.

Strengthening the preventive aspect of schools by activating the daily supervision program for students’ attendance and departure during their activities, as well as leave, performing prayer inside the school, and monitoring the presence of supervisors in their places.


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