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Gun Violence in Schools

Overview of the Problem Gun-related violence in schools is an omnipresent issue that has greatly increased over the last 20 years and there has been a 60% increase in school shootings which lead to multiple student deaths and student casualties (Cornell, 2019). If we do not address school violence, then our country has failed the…


School Violence,


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Prevention of Violence in Schools in the United States

The preponderance of violence in schools across the United States has been receiving much attention recently. With about half of all student reporting being exposed to some type of violence at school, that being the victim or the perpetrator, there is obvious reason that there is much concern about the issue of youth violence in…


School Violence,


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Violence in Schools and the Ways to Minimize it

Introduction Violence has a broad concept. It calls for every harm to a person, whether it is moral, verbal or physical. Violence has become widespread in schools and the school is considered the second home for students. The student spends at least eight hours a day and is of great importance in the formation and…


School Violence,


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Problem of School Violence and Shootings

Today, Americans live in constant fear of possible school violence, of a possible school shooting at any given time. However, school shooting rates in 2018 have not risen when compared to past decades (Kaste, 2018). In fact, since 1994, the occurrence of violent crimes in U.S. public schools have fallen drastically; over two-thirds as of…


School Violence

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Bullying and School Violence

Imagine wanting to stay home from school out of fear of being bullied and harassed at school. Also, debating taking your own life just to get away from the constant torment of being bullied. This tragic dilemma is way too familiar to lots of children. Studies have shown that 17.7 percent of high school students…

Bullying In Schools,


School Violence

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