Understanding of Serial Killer

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We can all agree that element of homicide rates in the United States is currently at the highest degree during the last decades. Hence, numerous homicides have been executed in densely populated areas but still Americans tend to often look the other way. Unfortunately, because people all over the world have become dependable on technology, these fields have easily featured as a tool for serial killers to prey on their victims. In like manner, there has to be a way of understanding as well as putting a stop to individuals who believe that they have permission to kill for their joy without feeling any remorse after committing gruesome crimes.

There is no type of serial killer is more important than the other; all are equally as important, because they have a common characteristic trait of being able to commit murder. All in all, serial homicides precisely refer to the murder of several victims by a single individual, frequently unfamiliar to the victim, over a chosen period.

Undoubtedly, many individuals can admit that serial killers are impulsively terrifying people but still take on a great interest of comprehending the mindset of them. Likewise, those who partake in the action of killing several individuals over a period, has been around before the beginning of time. The term serial killer did not come about until to the late 1900s by a man named Robert Kenneth Ressler who was an FBI agent and author. In his line of career, he was part of a team that went by the name of Behavioral Science Unit where he was able to study the psychological aspects of violent offenders’ behavior. In any event, if more studies were done on serial killers back then, the rate of serial killers would not be as high as they are currently.

Forthwith, being able to determine who is and is not a serial killer may be one of the toughest artifacts to pinpoint out in life. Moreover, humanity should put into perspective of how those who are under the law enforcement branch feel, when not adequate of catching people who are killing innocent human being. For myself being a criminal justice major, find it highly important that in newer teaching programs as well as in criminal justice classes that people are taught about the of phrase general profiling.

Provided that when one is taught about the general profiling of a serial killer, they are exposed to specific traits that such people have. Coupled with knowing about general profiling, having family problems, their inability to socialize and illtreating is few of many signs that a child should be possibly seen by a specialist to prevent any further behaviors then can potentially lead to a life of crime and violence.

As shown above, understanding and trying to prevent further serial homicides people would have to really take the time to educate themselves on every aspect of those killers whether they are born or made into. Many of these different phases a killer goes through indeed starts from inside meaning the home where they live and what they see. As a child, when exposed to any form of neglect, it will likely take a toll on them later in life. By the same token, when children are hurt, they feel the need to express that emotion through an act of violence.

In either case, the general behavior of a serial killer pre and post crime if determined is equally important to what they dealt with as a child, and as they got older. Lastly based from the different types of serial murderers in today’s civilization many of them like the thought of doing what they do without being caught because it gets their hearts pumping giving them that adrenaline rush which is exciting from them.


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