Psychology of Serial Killer

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Are serial killers Made or Born? Would you know if people around you are killers? There must be a reason why they are like the way they are. Their childhood, the motive, their mental health.

What is a serial killer? According to psychologenie “A serial killer is defined as a person who murders 3 or more people, in a particular fashion, usually in a month’s gap or more.” serial killer are a hard to spot hunter with camouflage, because serial killer they act just like us and talk like us that is why it’s hard to find a serial killer. There some cases where serial killer whose IQ is above average. In which case these serial killers are labeled as extremely dangerous to society. These serial killer are not only organized they are also deadly, it’ll takes a while to find these one.

People believe that the majority of serial killer are made through bad experiences during their early age such as Physical and mental abuse. “The record of hundreds of serial killer indicate child abuse”.(MLA). Child abuse is not the only reason that creates a serial killer but also, the absent of family or a dysfunctional family. One of the major factors that is above all is rejection. Rejection of family, lover, and society. All of these events happening to a child is a mixed of creating a child who will soon become a sick serial killer.

Psychologist and sociologist tries to interview serial killers to find out the mystery of why they committed these horrific crimes. They also interview serial killers but also do a brain scan to try and find some sort flaw or obstruction in the brain. Psychologist uses the brain scan to try and find who could be a future killer. This could help the future serial killer get some help before they hurt someone or themself in the future. It’s very difficult to find a flaw in the brain because It looks just as Normal as anybody else.

Psychological disorder plays a role with serial killer. Many serial killers have some type of mental disorder, such as antisocial personality disorder (APD), psychopathy, paranoid schizophrenia, etc. These disorder affected many infamous serial killers such like Ted Bundy, John W. Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

The first questions that people would ask serial killers is, why?

Why to kill a victim like that, or the reason. Motives of many serial killers includes sexual favors, sexual sadism, pedophilia, financial, racism, fun, thrill and pleasure. “ The last three motives are what truly define the mental condition of a serial killer ” psychologenie stated. Many serial killers kills just for the fun, thrill , and pleasure because something in their brain wasn’t wired correctly.

Serial killer usually kills animals during their early age. Serial killers not only kills the animals but, they also torture and play with the animal carcasses. Serial killers kills and torture animal because they are weaker than them. While doing the killings and torturing to the animals they also fantasize about it. “ Animal abuse is highly correlated with interpersonal, human-to-human violence.” The FBI stated in from an article called Real Crime.

Is there a cure for Serial killers? Answers from medical mental health experts, no. These people can treated but not cure. Serial killers aren’t bothered by punishment. They don’t respond to punishment like normal people do. Serial killers do respond to rewards, such as staying in solitary confinement for very long hours they’ll receive privilege in exchange for good behaviors.

Does this mean that serial killers aren’t to blame for their actions because of their early childhood? If not then who is to blame for their crimes. Being a normal person in society I would be afraid, because there is a person out there who is stalking and killing people out there. These people They live, talk like us, live like us and speak like us. Serial killers are the wolf in disguise in society, the wolf among us.

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