Traveling to the Beach Creative Essay

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Travel is generally a amusing experience. It is a kind of activity, which almost all the people love.it is the best way to have fun and to enjoy with our friends and families.

Go to the beach are one of the best places where people can relax and refresh. It’s not only a sport to swimming or surfing. People can do many things such as getting suntan, watching sunset, taking photos. Moreover, a lot of sounds that people are hearing everyday is not comfortable. People need to hear the sound of beaches for stress relief.

People go to the beach for different purposes – for seafood, for taking pictures, and just to fun and relax.

First people want to go to the beach, because of the seafood.

Seafood is a kind of fish or shellfish from the sea which used for food.

We know, that seafood has a lot of advantages and disadvantges…

The first advantage is, that seafood is a natural source of vitamins and other nutrients. This is a healthy option with low fat and cholesterol.

It is a great option for those trying to change their diets. Seafood has a low caloric content, which can help some people who wants to lose weight.

And last advantage as I know is, that seafood is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B, and B-complex vitamins. These vitamins are good for people energy production, concentration, and even beauty.

But with this advantages, seafood has some disadvantages…

First is, that seafood could cause extreme allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are dangerous, the person could stop breathing and die. If people think that they have allergic reactions, it is not reccommended to eat sea food.

The second disadvantage is, that not all seafood is coming fresh from the water, because of pollution of the water the food cant be fresh and it can be a very dangerous for people life and health.

Taking photos is another reason why people want to go to the beach.

One of the biggest goal of people on the beach is not only to have a good time, but also to have beautiful pictures.

One of the best advantage take photos is, that people can do a lot of pictures that will keep their memory by remembering each object.

In addition, photos are the safest way to preserve memory, because they can’t be deleted, and phone pictures are sometimes deleted for no reason.

One of the disadavntage is, that only taking photos you can sea that object or that person , you cant see surrounding nature, because of it you can do some amazing, and interesting videos, to make your trip more enjoyable and funny.

Finally people want to go to the beach just for fun and relax.

Everyone has a place where they go to escape the pressures and the worries of their panicky lives.

The beach is not only known as a place to relax ,but as a place of beauty.

One of the great advantage to relax at the beach is, that there are many interesting activities to be done at the seaside. For example, you can play beach volleyball with friends or your familt members.. It’s a good way to make new acquaintances and to meet interesting people. At sea, you can return interest in life, again become cheerful. A fun vacation at sea can be made very interesting because you take some kinds of emotions , which helps to feel more confident and energetic.

The second advantage is better sleep. The flow on beneficial effect from reduced stress and improved relaxation, being active, daily sunshine and sea water is a relaxed mind and improved sleep.

For how peaceful is the mind of man, հis sleep can be so relaxed.

The next advantage is, that the beach is a great venue for an exercise.

The beach is simply a wonderful place to do nothing. However, it also gives us the opportunity to work out. We may take a swim on the sea or do some exercises . These exercises can improve our energy and body strength.

The biggest disadvantage at the beach is, that it’s terribly noisy there.

People with a calm character can’t relax there.

For example if someone want to read his preferred book he cant , beacuse there are so noisy and he cant gathered his thoughts, to understand the main idea of the book…

Traveling is a great way to spend your time, but it can be difficult to have a good destination. For me, the best relaxing way is the beach, because I want to go to the beach to experience the seafood, take photos, and just have fun and relax. I know that doing this things will leave me energized and inspired.


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