What I Believe In

Updated October 13, 2020

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What I Believe In essay

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Around the world, the most common problem for all nations is racism. Some individuals are not aware of admitting that they are not racists, while their actions and remarks among other people shows otherwise. Between some people, they believe that any human race should not be treated equally. For some reason it could either be their ethnicity, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, language and the color of their skin. To some people, they should understand that each and every one of us are born different.

For example, some individuals may have different hair color. Some may speak in a different language, other than English. Some people are boys, girls, gay or straight, while some people may have different skin tone than yours. Everyone is different in their own way, from looks to behaviors; everyone is different I, in fact had to witnessed an older woman who had the nerve to discriminate my own parents in front me, in front of their own child.

Both of my parents are Filipinos, and while they were speaking in their native language, this woman came up to my parents and attack them with these dreadful words, “can you speak English,” “you don’t belong in this island,” “go back to where you came from,” “we can never get jobs because of you.” At that point, I was devastated to say the least that my parents had to go through this awful encounter with a racist woman. However, I know for a fact that other people have to go through this situation almost every day, whereas strangers may say any nasty comment, that could be from social media or in person in general.

Lastly, as an addition to my belief in equality among our people. It has been important, and in which made a huge impact in my life to not discriminate other people, and to be able to treat everyone the same way no matter what race, sex, color, or any status of who a person is. They will always deserve to be respected like every human being and that’s what I believe in.

What I Believe In essay

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