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Wicked Problems

According to the reading, Wicked Problems: Implications for Public Policy and Management, a “wicked” problem is one in which there is no easy solution to rectify or eliminate. There are varying levels of wicked problems. (Head & Alford, 2013, p. 712). “The more complex and diverse the situation, the more wicked the problem” (Head &…

Problem Solving,


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Problems Faced by Kids in Different Countries

Families travel to different countries in the belief of finding a better life for them and especially their kids, but do you think it’s actually better life? Do you think living away from friends and family, unable to communicate because of language, and not seeing the culture and traditions you are used to is a…



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Humans, Their Problems, and the World

For early humans, darkness was a problem. It hindered their movement and they weren’t able to be active at night. This problem was a great obstacle for early humans. It continued to be an obstacle until they were able to find something that helped them see at night. That’s when they discovered fire. Fire solved…

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What I Believe In

Around the world, the most common problem for all nations is racism. Some individuals are not aware of admitting that they are not racists, while their actions and remarks among other people shows otherwise. Between some people, they believe that any human race should not be treated equally. For some reason it could either be…



Racial Profiling,

This I Believe

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The Problems with Intentional Social Invisibility 

Introduction In recent years, many people have shown a growing concern for introverts and other people that would prefer to stay intentionally invisible. This growing concern has come in the form of many media publications encouraging respectful behavior toward quieter people. Although these new ideas are now widely accepted, most people still agree that at…


Social Problems

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Film Analysis: Samsara

Introduction In this report, I present an analysis of the film Samsara, directed by Ron Fricke and produced by Mark Magidson. Samsara was released on August 31st, 2012, and was filmed over five years in twenty-five countries on five continents. This is a film without descriptive text and no narrator is explaining the places and…

Film Analysis,




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The Biggest Issue in Today’s Education

It can be said that the biggest issue facing education today is the openness and ambiguity in the assessment of student ability. This concept can be seen portrayed in various forms of media. For example, the case study report Grade Inflation and Teaching: What Should Teachers do in a World of Entitlement states that “there’s…




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Requirement Engineering: Types and Problems

Requirement engineering is a type of engineering which deals with the requirement of product before developing it. Requirement engineering is related to defining, documenting and maintaining the requirements in the engineering design process. Role of Requirement Engineering in SDLC In software development life cycle Requirement Engineering is among one of the most important phases. In…



Science And Technology

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Burundi is One of the Poorest Countries

Burundi is a small country located in the lower half of Africa. The, the country is one of the poorest nations in the world. Burundi is ranked among the ten poorest countries. This has been a result of many different factors across its history., The first factor concerns the natural limitations. Burundi is a landlocked…





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Overcoming Obstacles: Perseverance

In the childhood classic, Finding Nemo, Marlin (Nemo’s father) is challenged by sharks, strong currents, and hungry seagulls. These challenges pushed Marlin to his limits, yet he never gave up. In fact, Marlin risked everything for the sake of Nemo. The dedication and confidence he showed in his journey taught a lesson that applies to…

Overcoming Obstacles,


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