This I Believe: My Dream Career Argumentative Essay

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I believe that the most typical reasons of studying in university are to prepare for a dream job career, to have new experiences and to increase their knowledge. For me, I want to increase my academic knowledge and visit different countries and to learn from great people that I would meet.

However, the most important thing that I have to learn is competent knowledge of the economy. I live in Ulaanbaatar, which is the capital city of Mongolia. Mongolia is developing but in my opinion, the development pace is too slow. We do not have enough force of economy to solve our social problems. My purpose is to visit different countries and learn how to solve that kind of issues through the economic aspect of the country.

Five years ago I moved from my hometown for several reasons. I had been a normal person in our school society for a long time before I changed my school. When I was in my previous school it was not easy to make communication and express myself. That was one of the problems that made me a much less enthusiastic person. In my new school, everything has changed such as interest, friend and communication. This school opened my eyes to the fact that our generation has a huge number of numerous opportunities of developing ourselves and make an impact to the community.

I have participated in different types of championships such as international Robotics championship in Romania, China and national competition in Khuvsgul province of Mongolia. And I became a Mongolian Red Cross Society’s volunteer member at the school. Our school volunteer club members have unlimited access to our school library and computer room with meeting facilities. It gave me a chance to meet interesting pupils and learn from them. We had long discussions about our dream jobs that could benefit our society.

My interest in the economy has started when I was discussing an idea of making a mobile application with a friend. I immediately knew that I wanted to fall into the economy, especially in the stock exchange, in a serious way. Since the beginning of 2015, I dedicated all my spare time to know more about stock exchanges. I started to learn stock with my friend, and have since begun making my way through some demo program of stock. Expanding my knowledge on these topics has been both exciting and rewarding. I’m eager to continue learning and put my knowledge to practical use.

What most intrigues me about economy and finance is not just the math, but the practical real numbers of data. Through the numbers, I can calculate and estimate factors that affect our society. Moreover, maybe the most interesting thing, these real numbers give us chance to predict the future.

Becoming an economist or financier, in fact, is a lifestyle instead of lingering over hardships, I am eager to get out from the comfort zone and ready to next challenges. Working hard on solving skills and learn more.

Also, I believe that studying with highly motivated international students, team works and good competitions would advantage us to progress more quickly. Whether the challenge solving the problem that no one never did, studying a new language or making some new life hacks, I will be eager to solving or working hard on the issues. I think economic studies, especially academic finance knowledge from the competent university would be a key pushing factor for me that will allow to realize my dream. I learn best when I am working towards my goal and stay focusing until the result.

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome while learning economy independently is not having a mentor who can answer my questions. I believe having someone to talk to when I run into trouble will help me bridge some of the gaps in the learning process I have not been able to overcome. Although there are great resources on the web such as Bloomberg, some of the more intangible concepts are contextual and require more hands-on guidance than the web can provide.

I have chosen the career of economist because it meets my desire to promote awareness and understanding of the stock exchange, and how it works. I believe that if we form an excellent level of stock exchange sector institute in Mongolian economy, it could guarantee some stability in the country despite of political situation. A strong economy is one of the key factors that can support long-term solutions for social programs such as medicine and education. Also, I believe that the career path I have chosen has a great cause for those around me and those whom I will encounter in the future.

I have chosen several universities in Hungary, and I am confident that the studying experience in Hungary would be exceptionally valuable to the society and to me.


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