Updated January 27, 2021

The Three Best Qualities in Friendship

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The Three Best Qualities in Friendship essay
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There are a lot of qualities that a good friend should have, but for me, the most important are loyalty, honesty, and respect. When we’re born, we don’t get to choose who our family is, we’re just born with it, whereas with friends we do get to decide who we want in our life. That is why I think we should choose people that have these qualities and make us better people.

I think loyalty is a quality everyone wants in a friend, you want someone you can depend on and tell everything knowing that he or she won’t say anything. A loyal friend will always be there for you no matter what and they got your back. The people that have this quality won’t talk about you behind your back and they won’t betray you. This quality is the one that makes friendships last.

Honesty is also essential because no one wants a friend that constantly lies and is not trustworthy. We want people in our lives that tell us when we’re doing something wrong, friends with this quality won’t sugarcoat things and we need to learn to accept it because they are doing it because they know what is best for us. I admire people with this quality because they are willing to be the “bad guy” if it’s going to help you. Without honesty, a friendship would fall apart.

Friends won’t always agree with you, but they must respect your decisions, opinions, and ideas but more importantly they must respect you. You should know what you’re worth and remember that everyone must respect you no matter what and if they don’t, you should probably end that friendship. Friendship is a two-way street, your friends should respect you, but you should also respect them. Respect goes deeper than just friendships, you also have to respect your parents, teachers, family, basically everyone. You could also have more respect for someone than for others and there is nothing wrong with it. For example, you might think that your parents deserve more respect than others. I think is the honest people who deserve more respect because it is kind of hard to respect a liar. That is another reason why I think honesty is important.

The Three Best Qualities in Friendship essay

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